cafe betawi pacific place jakarta apartments
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Cafe betawi pacific place jakarta apartments best physical crypto wallet

Cafe betawi pacific place jakarta apartments

The average price for a 3-star hotel in Jakarta is USD The average price for a 4-star hotel in Jakarta is USD The average price for a 5-star hotel in Jakarta is USD What's the average price of a hotel in Jakarta this weekend? The average price for a 3-star hotel in Jakarta this weekend is USD The average price for a 4-star hotel in Jakarta this weekend is USD The average price for a 5-star hotel in Jakarta this weekend is USD What's the average price of a hotel in Jakarta tonight?

The average price for a 3-star hotel in Jakarta tonight is USD The average price for a 4-star hotel in Jakarta tonight is USD Ahmad Yani No. Bopet Mini has been established since the s. This legendary restaurant serves fans of Minang cuisine ranging from their breakfast mainstay menus such as Bubur Kampiun and Ketupat Sayur Minang. Bendungan Hilir No. Do not doubt the taste, its deliciously-guaranteed especially for the Adaan and Lenjer.

They also serve some other Palembang dishes, such as Laksa, Tekwan, or Burgo. Kampoeng Bangka is the first restaurant in Jakarta that serves a variety of delicious and fresh foods of the Bangka Island. Panglima Polim No. Dapur Sunda is exposed to only presenting fresh dishes. For example, when you order fish dishes, the fish will be taken directly from the fish pond.

One of the best seller menus here is the flying carp. The fish meat is very tasty and will increasingly taste good when you enjoy it with chili and warm rice. Cipete Raya No. Their Soto Betawi is really appetizing, the meat is tender, and it gets fresher when lime is added. For snacks, the delicious and tasty Rangi cakes can be your coffee buddy. For the drink, it clearly can not be separated from the delicious serving of warm ginger. Panglima Polim IX No.

Gudeg Sagan can be your choice. Gudeg Sagan is famous for its legit, savory, and distinctive spices. The chicken also uses Ayam Kampung so it tastes softer. A portion of Gudeg can be eaten with Krecek, boiled eggs, Tempe Bacem, and fluffier rice. Ciranjang No. One of the featured dishes in Putu Made is the iconic Nasi Campur Bali and also a set of Betutu Duck served with Komo soup, long bean, and 3 types of sambal, Klungkung, Bongkot, and coconut sambal.

Address: Senayan City, 5th Floor, Jl. Lombok: Rumah Makan Taliwang Bersaudara Rumah Makan Taliwang Bersaudara is one of the legendary Lombok restaurants in Jakarta because this restaurant has been serving for around 30 years. This restaurant has a very authentic spicy Taliwang Chicken dish with the tempting signature Lombok sambal. Tebet Raya No.

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Pacific Place Residence memiliki rating 9 berdasarkan 1 review. This residential offers unit apartment for long term and short term rental. Besides its luxurious ambiance, Pacific Place Residence has other strength like its proximity to many high-end public facilities.

Residents only need 5 minutes driving to get to Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. Soekarno-Hatta airport can also be reached by 40 minutes driving from apartment. Pacific Place Residence provides luxury and spacious room for residents. There are units available, spread to 14 floors at the tower. Unit size at Pacific Place Residence can reach m2. You can even find 4BR unit in this residential, which is very rare for apartment in Jakarta.

Neighborhood Around Pacific Place Residence Pacific Place is one of premium residential in Jakarta, that stands within a busy neighborhood. This apartment was surrounded by many office tower and shopping center. The largest sport facility in Jakarta, Gelora Bung Karno, can also be found near apartment. Therefore, skyscrapers, arterial road and some green areas from Gelora Bung Karno dominate the view from balcony. It connects almost all important business district in South Jakarta.

Inside a unit, there are large window accompanied by cozy couch and TV flat for residents to enjoy their time. Each unit at Pacific Place Residence has provide large cupboard and high-quality bathroom furnished with marble. While enjoying city view, residents can take exercise at full-equipped gym inside the apartment. The apartment also features hot tube and sauna for those who love to take warm bath. There are plenty of parking lot at Pacific Place Residence that are sufficient for both residents and visitor.

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