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Then, copy that formula down for the rest of your stocks. But, as I said, dividends can make a huge contribution to the returns received for a particular stock. Also, you can insert charts and diagrams to understand the distribution of your investment portfolio, and what makes up your overall returns. If you have data on one sheet in Excel that you would like to copy to a different sheet, you can select, copy, and paste the data into a new location. A good place to start would be the Nasdaq Dividend History page. You should keep in mind that certain categories of bonds offer high returns similar to stocks, but these bonds, known as high-yield or junk bonds, also carry higher risk.

Clive csgo betting collect bitcoins

Clive csgo betting

Welcome to GiG Gaming Innovation Group GiG is a leading platform and sportsbook provider built on passion for crafting nimble and agile technology, reinforced by a wealth of knowledge and personalised services for online and land-based operators with digital aspirations, worldwide. We power the iGaming and sports betting industry with a full end-to-end solution and service offering from our iGaming platform to our agnostic sportsbook, leading media agency, realtime data platform, omnichannel solution and tailored managed services.

Operators are able to localise their content and adapt to their target market, delivering a premium user experience through customisation. The capability of personalising features allows for our partners to focus on expanding their brands and maximising their profitability. Our sportsbook is available through our award-winning platform that is at the core of what we do, built to provide a top-class customer experience and user journey.

Fueled to deliver in regulated markets, our platform is integrated with the leading payment providers and is configurable with the major content providers. The flexibility of our platform allows us to ensure rapid time to market, providing a vital advantage in highly competitive markets. In this booming industry, increasingly rigorous regulation is playing an ever-more critical role in maturing markets. Our dedication to both the operator and the regulator helps leverage the value we can offer both existing and prospective partners.

At GiG, we are here to guide you and ensure you are fully informed on the requirements for a speedy and successful launch in new markets. There is a lot to consider. That is why we have a global dedicated team of experts with a great deal of experience in building iGaming solutions that comply with regulatory requirements. At GiG, we are now pioneering the multiplatform era for businesses looking to expand their online presence. Navigating the myriad of regulatory requirements needed to access desired markets is becoming more and more complicated.

There are a few aspects operators looking to expand into new, profitable markets, need to consider to attain a competitive edge. Through utilising a multi-platform strategy its inherent agility provides considerable rapid time to market and market access, with easier integrations with third parties and defeating bottlenecks through shortening delivery time.

Through providing a multi-platform strategy we are revolutionising the industry, streamlining and maximising your business. As a B2B company, we have been focused on supporting our clients as they address the opportunities being presented with more states legalising, the Canadian market opening and betting becoming mainstream entertainment. As a result, it has been a priority to support our customers during such a dynamic period of time.

What will the company be showcasing at G2E Las Vegas? COM regardless of size or maturity in the market. This is alongside our vast and unmatched portfolio of AV streaming content, and best-in -class ad:s marketing service, which helps clients effectively and efficiently engage with sports fans and bettors. What makes Sportradar stand out from its rivals? Simply, our size, relationships and position in the sports industry are what make us stand out.

Sportradar is the backbone of the sports ecosystem in the US, providing critical data infrastructure and content to the betting and media industries. As the sports, betting and media industries converge, we are the company enabling leagues to expand and form direct relationships with their fan bases. We are enabling media companies to develop compelling, deep narratives on sporting events and players, and betting operators to reach and engage fans in a rapidly transforming landscape.

Critically, we fuel the US sports betting industry as the number one provider of sports data, and in many cases as the sole provider to operators who manage nearly every legal sports bet placed by the US. Finally, via our Integrity service, we monitor the data to detect critical patterns that show everything from potential match-fixing to problem gambling. Massive secular tailwinds are driving the growth of the industry and as a company positioned at the centre of this ecosystem, we will continue to focus on developing innovative products, and delivering high-value solutions that solve customer problems and help them grow their businesses.

With three losses from its three group matches in that tournament all those years ago , it may not have been the greatest time on the pitch for Canada, but it was still a fantastic achievement for a country whose roots are certainly not in soccer. The current group of players have, however, ensured that the country is back in the big time, and that the previous feeling of elation has returned.

It has now had another bite of the cherry in Qatar, with tricky tests against Belgium, Croatia and Morocco awaiting it in Group F. And that elation can undoubtedly be translated to the Canadian gambling industry, where sports betting has truly taken off, much like it has south of the border in the US.

Ontario marked the first time a Canadian provincial government welcomed third-party online operators into the fold when it launched its new iGaming market on 4 April Moreover, there are more than 30 online sportsbooks and betting sites that have applied to operate in Ontario.

Three days later, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Major League Baseball announced a new partnership between the two organisations, which was shortly followed by a partnership between the National Basketball Association and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. But perhaps the most significant moment of the month was witnessed when theScore Bet announced it will exit the US sports betting market with its theScore Bet app and focus on Canada.

Just about every sport is attracting attention in some form or another. To this end, Gambling Insider spoke with Canada-based FansUnite President Darius Eghdami, to assess the current situation in Canada, and gauge operator and customer excitement ahead of the World Cup. Importantly, it will be the most-populated World Cup in history, with 48 teams and 80 matches.

However, the World Cup in Qatar is very much first up on the agenda for FansUnite, a sports and entertainment company that focuses on technology for regulated online gaming. All eyes will be on sports and gaming, and as a public company, that always helps to bring new eyeballs to FansUnite. That, of course, means a disruption to the regular playing seasons of many sports, not just soccer. The company is currently gearing up for the September launch of the new campaign.

The likes of talented striker Jonathan David will be leading the line, with superstar Alphonso Davies undoubtedly the one the world will be watching in Qatar — if their eyes can keep up with his lightning pace. But for the FansUnite President, the team is much more than Davies himself, and may just have what it takes to turn a few heads in November. That would be a huge win for Canada. Creating a legal framework that stimulates competition should be one of the main goals of the Brazilian Government.

In that sense, foreign investment and companies coming to Brazil to explore the gaming market contribute to a better development of the sector. This is something of paramount importance considering that many gaming activities are currently illegal and hold back developmentof the necessary expertise for national companies. On the other hand, legal gaming activities such as lotteries are underperforming considering international benchmarks, and havea lot of space to grow. Is Aposta Hub looking into expanding in the LatAm market?

As a company focused on the affiliate market, Aposta Hub is focusing on the development of sports betting, especially in Brazil. The Brazilian sports betting industry has grown exponentially in the last 12 months, but it is still far from its maximum potential. Our expectations lie in the upcoming regulation by the Federal Government of sports betting and the likely approval of the Gaming Act by the Federal Congress. Regarding the LatAm market, Aposta Hub aims to be the largest online betting portal in Latin America; consolidating itself first in the Brazilian market and then expanding to countries with high potential such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

Our goal is to help both players and companies with our legal expertise and industry knowledge. What are your expectations of the future for the sports betting market in Brazil? Online sports betting became legal in Brazil in but is still pending regulation from the Federal Government, on how this activity will be licensed and explored. Obviously, the regulation of sports betting will have an enormous impact on gambling companies and those planning to participate in this market. The Federal Decree drafts of sports betting intend to establish an open market that will allow all serious companies to invest in Brazil.

However, the decree is not defined yet. At the same time, sports betting is being developed by state lotteries since it is considered a kind of lottery in Brazil. The Government has launched public bidding to authorise one operator to explore a state lottery, which includes sports betting in its territory.

However, the bidding is suspended and it is most likely to be revised after federal regulation. The product compliance required from the operators also varies from each state. In most cases, it has been mandatory to obtain international certifications that assure the safety and quality of products.

Operators also need to have a compliance program to guarantee that regulations are observed. What other obligations currently exist in relation to gambling in Brazil? Well, the Brazilian Congress is discussing the Gaming Act, which can legalise casinos, bingo halls and other gaming activities. It also encompasses online gaming but only to authorise it, delegating its regulations to an executive decree. It does not address foreign companies specifically; these, again, will be further detailed in executive acts.

The Law Bill is expected to be voted on at the end of the year, after the elections for President and Federal Congress. So the Gaming Act will definitely affect the market in every sense, and Aposta Hub is closely following its progress. Based in six offices around the world, the Sportingtech team has more than 10 years of experience in delivering sports betting solutions to the global betting and gaming industry. The company has recently utilised its knowledge of worldwide gaming to lead from the front in the realm of regulated markets, placing particular emphasis on key regions in Latin America.

Targeting the vast collection of varying jurisdictions that make up LatAm, all with differing cultures and preferences, requires in-depth knowledge of localisation and by extension player profiling; this is an area of expertise that Sportingtech prioritises and has extensive experience in. COM Cup looms. Its particular focus is on providing reliability and modularity for partners; the platform is customisable, allowing the product to be tailored to specific needs — by offering such a versatile platform, operators looking to establish themselves in emerging markets and create a player-centric betting experience can do so.

It is this modularity that has seen Quantum reach wider and wider audiences in different LatAm markets, as customers become attuned to its many benefits. Furthermore, bet stimulation tool, Bet Assist, has been incredibly well received in LatAm due to its ability to generate automated betting tips across more than popular betting markets — both pre-match and live — with complete betslip integration based on live score and AI analysis. This is especially important when considering the different countries that make up LatAm — each market presents its own challenges, so well-designed software like Quantum is the optimum choice for any size of operator.

It allows for an accelerated time to market with true product localisation, allowing quick and seamless integration. With a proven ability to deliver in LatAm markets and a high-quality sports betting offering, consistent growth in the region is all but assured for Sportingtech. For sports betting businesses outside the US, it has always been a gold mine. Traditionally, this has been less prominent in North America — for two reasons.

That is changing. The other was a lack of regulation. US sports betting was very much in its embryonic state then. COM a revitalised MLS and the rapid spread of sports in social media culminated in soccer underpinning its own online global village.

Perhaps a low percentage compared to other regions worldwide, this represents some of the highest levels of US engagement with soccer. Now, with US sports betting maturing into its fourth year, the upcoming World Cup in Qatar this winter poses something of an acid test for US interest in a globally adored sport. If it were in the summer, I could see there being much greater interest as there is usually a lull in the summer months.

The only thing to bet on in the US across the summer is baseball and some NFL bets for the following season. Not only because the World Cup will once again be in the summer but, of course, being a home tournament for the US means interest will naturally pique. Kansas is just the latest in a long line of states to agree to launch online sports betting, announcing its plans in August Linnehan also discusses the states striving for regulation that are set to host World Cup matches in Below is a list of cities confirmed to host World Cup fixtures.

A number of states set to host World Cup games are yet to regulate sports betting. How many of these can you see being legalised come ? I can see Georgia happening. It seems every year they get close, but they never quite manage to get anything over the finish line. I could see them legalising sports betting by , absolutely. You also mention California, which is going to be a big point of contention in the upcoming November general election.

They would be able to partner with tribal casinos to offer online sports betting. California could technically be legal next year; they could launch next year. The year is four years away, so I could see them try again and be legalised. Every year, Massachusetts gets close. There are two bills, one Senate-approved and one House-approved, but these bills are very different in terms of their potential tax rates, and allowances around college sports betting and amateur sports betting.

Florida and the Seminole Tribe agreed on a new gaming compact last year. This allowed the Seminole Tribe to offer retail sports betting and online sports betting. Right now, the case is in an appeals court, where the State and the Tribe are trying to see if they can overturn that ruling.

They can try again in , a time some politicians tell me is the likeliest for the state to legalise sports betting. But again, is four years away and anything can happen in that time. This would exclude online sports betting which was found to be illegal under IGRA, but retail could legalise before They could try and get a sports betting referendum on one of the upcoming ballots, which would likely be the path that faces the least resistance.

But there are a lot of religious groups and conservative views which go against sports betting. If Texas were to become legalised it would be a top-three market in the US. Will it ever be legal? I keep saying is four years away but with Texas, four years might not be enough time to get anything done. Will US jurisdictions slowly start to adopt European-style regulations, which is something Ontario has done from the start? I think US markets will remain open in comparison to Europe and Canada.

At the moment, New York is obliterating handle records left, right and centre. Online sports betting handles that have stood since are being surpassed in six months, which is insane. As US states continue to legalise, can you see many more operators, suppliers and affiliates migrating from Europe to the US? I think if and when some of the bigger markets legalise, particularly if Florida and California went legal, it would send a big buzz over Europe that the US is truly alive as a gaming industry.

Everyone is going to want a piece of those markets. I think California would rival New York as the top sports betting market easily. Florida would be right up there, too. European operators may bring a unique perspective, providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity for US players they would never have experienced. Better games and technology: these factors would pique the interest of US players too.

There are some big operators like bet which we have barely seen here yet. Brand ambassadorships are becoming far more common among B2B gambling firms and, through this latest deal, Digitain hopes to bolster its brand awareness globally. During our exclusive interview with Vardanyan, the Founder discusses the Figo signing and looks back on 20 years since founding the business in its original form. Vardanyan also addresses specialisation vs. How has the business changed in the two decades since you founded it?

Digitain emerged as a lottery business in , before we established our B2C operations in Our focus was TotoGaming, which is a local operator in Armenia. However, around , we decided to establish Digitain. The knowledge and expertise we obtained when operating TotoGaming pushed us to establish our B2B brand.

There is significantly more competition now than when we started. But I would also like to say this is nothing for us to be scared of, because when you offer customers flexible solutions, customer loyalty is guaranteed — if you always stand out ahead of the competition. Whenever you attend a trade show, for example, you see new entrants each and every year. But, of course, we believe we stand out and are continually improving our offering, such as improving our iGaming platform with Centrivo — among others.

You also own a winery in Armenia. As a Founder and executive, how do you personally balance your time between projects? For me, these are two completely different things. Wine is my love, whereas gaming is my business. They are totally different to each other; to the wine I contribute my love, my heart and soul. To Digitain, I contribute my brain and my mathematical thinking. So I can balance these two projects simultaneously.

Gambling Insider exclusively revealed the story in July — but traditionally brand ambassadors have been more prevalent for B2C companies. They are now becoming more of a trend for B2B firms — why? I have much respect for him not only as an ex-professional player but also as a high-profile individual and social ambassador. He embodies the values that Digitain aspires to. He played with skill, professionalism and has the same love for the sport we do.

He has an exemplary reputation and I believe our collaboration is a major statement that demonstrates the confidence we have with our brand, and as a major industry player. We have significantly grown our geographical footprint over the last year in LatAm and Asia, and our relationship with Mr Figo strengthens this brand awareness in those important areas — as well as globally.

Where do you see the biggest growth occurring for Digitain in the next few years, geographically as well as in which vertical? Most of all, we are thinking about the Latin American market. Of course, we are currently transforming more into Digitain Group, with a number of brands. For example, Galaxsys launched this year — our fast games brand — while there may be more brands to come with a greater diversity and direction. Our Centrivo platform also adds value to the iGaming industry.

But, in our experience, business diversification is also the right choice — and this is the key to our strategy. What I believe is the key for success now is that, with all the increased competition today, you need to provide only qualified and good products.

You cannot ever succeed with cheap products or by taking shortcuts. The key to success is a strong product and the best service. DS Virtual Gaming started its activity in , providing virtual games in Europe. What makes us different in the industry is that we have never used animation to show the final result.

We have always believed the effect of presence, and the liveliness of what is happening in-game, is very important for players. Our games are based on real events, which were recorded and edited to show the final result for a more immersive experience.

Over time, we repeatedly made sure we initially chose the right direction. At the moment, we have the following games in our arsenal: dog racing 6 and 8 , several categories of horseracing, karting, roulette and kickboxing.

All events took place in reality and we recorded in HD format. The games are designed to accept bets in all possible directions. Operators can easily select the games and solutions they are interested in that meet the requirements of their operating markets.

How has the company grown over the years? Since our head office is located in Austria, our first steps in the gambling industry took place in the European market, in which we occupied a strong niche. Next, we turned our attention to the African and Latin American markets, where again we quickly found loyal partners. It is worth noting that we have been cooperating with some of our partners for more than 15 years, constantly striving to attract more players to their operation.

These players love our games for consistently high odds, uninterrupted content supply, and crystal clear graphics, which we update with enviable constancy, bonuses and jackpots. Most of the profits from virtual games come from land-based operations, so the pandemic has become a test of strength for us. In addition, we have launched new games, karting and kickboxing, which are already enjoying great success.

Despite our victories in the past, we would like to focus our attention on the present to build a prosperous future. COM Araksi Sargsyan, Head of Business Development moment, we are obtaining certificates and licences for operating in new markets with the largest operators in the industry. In our segment, dog racing is considered to be the most popular product.

A large proportion of all bets fall on this game. For us, roulette also shows an significant result, since many players appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the classic casino game at a betting shop. Our game does not fall under the category of a casino, therefore it is allowed by regulation.

Odds and margins are fully consistent with European roulette. Our new game is also in great demand among players because, first of all, it captures and, secondly, it has no analogues. Of course, we are talking about kickboxing and have relied on the emotional component of the game. At DS Virtual Gaming, we decided to release games that are not yet represented in the industry, creating our own niche, our own unique style.

We believe that, by creating something new, we offer players a wide choice of products, operators get the opportunity to diversify the offer and our colleagues in the segment keep on having a healthy competition. To answer this question, I will need to tell you about the strategy of our company. Here at DS Virtual Gaming, we most of all value the time and operation of our clients and partners; we sign an agreement only after testing our games at the box office with real players.

If the testing is successful and the players are satisfied with our games, then we can start cooperation with a calm heart and a clear conscience. At the moment, our games are being tested by several very large and well-known operators, and we hope to start operating with them soon.

Also, our goal for this year is to expand our presence in the Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Panamanian and other markets, which we are actively working on. By his own admission, Bevilacqua believes the company perhaps arrived too early with its micro-betting focus, but now it has a real advantage in this innovative sector. Simplebet is already heavily involved in the US-centric sports of Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, but the more global sports of soccer, tennis and golf could soon be explored.

Bevilacqua tells Gambling Insider about the journey so far and future plans. How has Simplebet progressed in the last year? Additionally, as we look to leverage our technology for wider fan engagement, we launched a single-screen free in-play experience with Yes network, where we overlay our micro-markets on top of live streaming in their app for fans to engage with during Yankees and Nets games. What new updates are there regarding the company?

After proving our product at scale with DraftKings, we are approaching the next wave of partners looking to take micro-betting to new levels. In the coming weeks we will be going live globally with a long-time leader of in-play, who we expect to apply proven best practices to the sports we offer.

They aim to reimagine the user experience for the next generation of consumers while focusing predominantly on micro-betting. This wave will continue into , where we have a leading DFS daily fantasy sports company expanding into OSB and building various micro-betting games, an established season-long fantasy company integrating micro-betting into a more social experience and more operators looking to get our markets live and iterate from there. We were probably a bit early with our micro-betting focus, but we now have a considerable first-mover advantage with the race to create engaging experiences on top of our enabling technology finally about to take off.

Baseball and football have been extremely successful, while basketball has been challenging given its fast-paced action. In February, we began to offer markets for which team and type will score next for every basket of every game in real-time. This is very different from standard offerings where you pick a team to score some basket in the future — like the 20th point when the score is Can you touch more on the MLB progress so far this campaign?

In addition to our pitch result and plate appearance markets, our new half-inning and pitch speed markets are fueling growth throughout the season. Unlike soccer, micro-markets for US sports align with how casual fans already engage. You also have to take into consideration that existing sports betting apps were not built for micro-betting. Our high-availability markets are the first step, but the current experience is still far from frictionless.

Soon enough, we will start to see more personalisation with operators surfacing the right bets to the right users at the right time. The past few years have been very slow on the product side as operators have had their hands full trying to scale.

I think the large operators are finally shifting focus to product and this next wave of entrants I mentioned earlier should help accelerate that. How has Simplebet been impacted by regulations and are there any new regulations you have encountered? There are a couple of states that have not approved the majority of our markets, but in general we are live everywhere our partners are live.

What are your thoughts on the New York market, particularly the high tax rate? Over time, however, we believe the market will sort itself out. Does Simplebet have plans to enter any other markets in the near future? We are live with DraftKings in over a dozen international markets, with more on the way through our new partnerships.

US sports fans are obsessed with individual players and their stat lines. Combining that with the excitement of micro-betting is a no-brainer. Perhaps a less obvious benefit from these types of markets is that they are somewhat latency-proof when it comes to watching the game on TV.

Additionally, we will be leveraging our real-time data capabilities to expand our product suite to include low-latency game tracking visualisers for our partners to embed in their app, starting with college football. Some sports have game-tracking visualisations but they are generally seconds behind the betting markets. We think this is a huge missed opportunity with the current live-betting experience. Finally, in , we will be expanding into a new category that we are probably the most excited about: micro-parlays.

Here, we plan to bring that single-game parlay experience to micro timeframes like at-bats, half innings, drives, etc. For example, while the Bengals are on defence you can start crafting your next drive parlay… Burrow will complete three pass attempts for over Will Steph Curry make or miss his next shot? What was your personal role in its development? I think my role as Managing Director of the sportsbook services is really to ensure that the technology, which we developed in terms of platform, is done in a way that permits the best integration of service from Sportradar.

And also to provide the quality, performance and stability a sports betting operator requires today. But, more importantly, the strategic overview to take the sportsbook forward; bringing together all the different views inside Sportradar. How did the project come about from start to finish; when the merger happened was it very much set out as a roadmap?

COM own sportsbook service end-to-end, it required the project to put together all services as soon as possible; and that was a priority. But ultimately the plan from the start was to use all the managed services from Sportradar to put sportsbook solutions in place between Managed Trading Services MTS , widgets, virtual games, etc. Remembering we also work in retail, that environment was very badly affected by the pandemic, which meant we had to rearrange a few things.

Does this new launch put you more in competition with companies you may have either partnered with, or had agreements with before? But what we are doing right now is putting new concepts in the market. You get everything from Sportradar, you decide what you want to take from us, if you want integration, you get all services — is that adding more competition or less competition?

We believe there will be a range of services we provide together now that before were consumed individually. We are facilitating a better service quality and better time to market, and a whole range of opportunities for B2B, B2C and B2B2C clients for Sportradar. As soon as there are regulated markets, our services are available. In terms of regionalisation of the product itself, which we find is a very important point, we at Sportradar provide services in five continents and worldwide.

The sportsbook is built with those blocks; so, in terms of personalising for a particular region, we are also there. As soon as there is legal betting happening in the market we are there, and we have all the certifications and licences required. If we are not considering the war in Ukraine, overall, things are pretty interesting for us. Because of the full-scale Russian invasion, we started to find more ways of business development, and I believe our tech transformation was a significant enabler for this.

If we had not implemented that transformation, at least partly, it might not be the case that we would diversify our business model as we have. Presently, we are in the second part of our new era: we are trying to monetise what we achieved as a tech company and diversify the main B2C business, adopting new business models as well.

The exciting part is that, at some point, we realised that Parimatch Tech Holdings is operating as B2B internally. We have our platform, which is the product, and then we have the stakeholders — named hubs — that are features for the platform. In terms of the platform, obviously, there are a lot of providers out there already.

How is Parimatch Tech trying to stand out? I have some B2B background, and the history of becoming a B2B company was the same as ours. First, you become a strong B2C operator, then decide to sell parts of the platform to someone else, and then you become a B2B company. Parts of our platform are made up of the best experience that we took from the market. Our casino platform does 30 integrations a month or so — from my experience, this is a perfect time to market.

Traditionally, Parimatch is heavily linked to sports betting. Things have already changed. We are going that way as well — the world is becoming faster, and people want TikToks more than long reads! So, I would say sportsbook is moving towards this… TikTokification, yes! The things war does do to people In a world in which the concept of good and evil is a matter of perspective. People who can turn into beings of incredible power can change the outcome of a battle just with their presence on the field.

And while it would've been easy just to turn them into summonable boss enemies, like the series tends to do. Final Fantasy XVI puts these powers in the hands of people who their leaders use, squeezed dry of their life force just to advance their own agendas.

So imagine nuclear weapons but they are a person with feelings and a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Put on top of the struggle of a world slowly dying to a mysterious force called the blight Hello Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle and the only means to protect yourself from it are magical crystals in a limited capacity. Director Naoki Yoshida previously mentioned that the story of Final Fantasy XVI draws inspiration from the real wars waged over fossil fuel and other natural resources.

From interviews with the developers, we know that Final Fantasy XVI will take place over several years of Clive's life as he navigates various conflicts. We don't know much about Clive as a character yet, only that he is the first son of the archduke of one of Final Fantasy XVIs major kingdoms and was once charged to protect his younger brother Joshua.

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This means that you can take your current profit or loss before the bet has been fully settled. For example, if you back Team Dignitas to win at odds of 2. Cashing out is great for live CSGO betting as it helps reduce losses and take early profits. If for example, you notice that your team is starting to perform badly after halftime, you can cash out to avoid a larger loss. In order to master the art of cash out, you need to perfect your timing. You can use cash out to a huge advantage if you have researched your team properly and you have a good idea how they will play in the second half of a game.

An example of this would be if you have backed Astralis vs Fnatic on Inferno. Astralis are playing on the counter-terrorist side first and you know this is their better side. At halftime, you notice that Astralis are winning Knowing that Astralis will be playing on their weaker side terrorist in the second half, you use the cash out button to take an early profit. They could never win a round again losing and you would still keep all of the profit you secured when cashing out your original bet.

Most in-play betting strategies rely on key information such as team economy, individual player performance and of course the rounds won and lost by each team. All of this information is usually available through live streams of the game that you can find across the web. Some video streams can be delayed by up to a few minutes. The best way to profit from live CSGO betting is to place your bets before the bookies update their odds after big plays. For example, you will sometimes be able to back a team at high odds even though they have just won a round that is critical for their opponents.

So, whatever your reason, make sure you check all the CSGO live matches to see exactly what is happening. There are a few ways that you can get around to watching upcoming matches. Firstly, you can find CSGO gambling sites — or even a standard betting site that offers esports betting that has a live stream feature. A benefit of doing it this way is that some even offer free bets to players who register a new account although you will need to check whether or not the free bets can be used for esports betting.

You can also find specific websites that offer live CS GO matches 5 Limited Cases Play now Play now With most options, you will not need to pay for — or install additional software. Most even allow you to watch the matches on your cell phone… as long as you have a solid internet connection. Generally, finding your specific game or tournament is also easy, as you will simply find a list of the matches and click on it. Be aware that if you are planning on watching it live on a betting site then you will be required to place a bet on the game.

You will then be directed to the live broadcast of the game and have access to the basic information you need to know about the game. Sports such as soccer can go for quite a while with neither team making progress. However, esports can — and normally do, have significant developments in minutes.

In a match, just a few minutes can make a lot of difference. It displays the CSGO results in real-time, so you can immediately see how many wins each team has scored up until that exact moment. Normally, a CSGO tournament works in a Best out of 3 matches system, which means there will be up to 5 games played and the team that wins will be the first team to win 3 matches.

This means that every win will change the odds dramatically — and understanding this is vital when looking to make your best live bets. These are always updates so you can see whenever there are cancellations, delays or other unforeseen events. You will always have information on Counter-strike matches today or in the future. These can be played on different maps — such as Dust, Inferno, Nuke and Train, with different weapons and characters, with updated versions becoming available on a regular basis.

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On top of our standard CSGO betting tips, here are some live betting specific ones: Primarily, you need to understand the game fairly well. In order to tell who is playing better, you cannot . Betting on csgo matches has been a common practice for some years now, like in a lot of other eSports. This has sparked the attention of traditional betting sites and nowadays we have a . Check out our current Live Betting Offerings for CS:GO Matches! esports. Sports. Contests Academy News. Help. Events Counter-Strike. Up Next Popular Live Battle Royale. Bet Slip .