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Adonit dash

The matte textured surface makes the pen comfortable to hold. Pen tip can be replaced easily. I don't remember replacement pen tips being included with Adonit Dash 3. Charging with with the USB-C adapter. The pen would snap on magnetically. The magnet is extremely strong that the pen won't detach even if it's horizontal. The pen comes with two modes that can be identified by the green or blue light indicator at the back of the pen. Green mode is meant for all Apple and Android devices.

In green mode, the pen works no different from your finger so there's no palm rejection. Blue mode is meant for Apple devices released from onwards, and there's palm rejection with compatible devices and apps. I tested the pen blue mode with my iPad Pro but could not get palm rejection to work even though in theory it should work.

Unfortunately for Android devices, there may be line offset depending on how you hold the pen. When the pen was held pointing sideways, there's noticeable line offset. When the pen is held with pen tip pointing upwards, there's no line offset. With Android devices, there's also noticeable jitter and wobble with diagonal lines.

More on that shortly. You can also get the pen in either Silver or Black. In this review, we got the black version of the Dash 4 in this review. When pressed once it will switch to blue and a second press turns it green and finally press and hold for a few seconds and this will switch the pen off.

It can also work on android tablets which we also tested this pen on. If you put the Blue light on this will only work with tablets such as newer models with palm rejection built-in. This will allow you to rest your palm naturally on the screen while writing. My only concern it the charging dongle is very small and can be lost with ease.

So consider this when using the pen keep the dongle in a safe place as if lost the pen will become useless. As mentioned you have the two main options in terms of the device you are using. Now testing the Adonit Dash 4 we got a chance to put it through its paces on an iPad Air as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and also my iPhone 12 and I will be honest I did not have any real compliments. However, if you are a pro user looking to use this as your main tool in design it might be worth considering an option with Bluetooth and a dedicated app.

To get more articles like this directly to your inbox, please click here to subscribe to the What Gadget newsletter Verdict The Adonit Dash 4 is a great option for a casual user. The pen is well built and the option to replace the tips is welcomed.

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