how does betting on boxing work
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How does betting on boxing work apperatus for mining cryptocurrancy

How does betting on boxing work

Winner bets Betting on the winner of a boxing match is by far the most popular bet type in boxing betting. Match odds works in the same way as when you bet on football , as there is an 1X2 betting model. On this market, you simply bet on the outcome of a boxing match. You bet on the first boxer 1 in the fixture winning, a draw X or the second boxer 2 winning. Draws are quite rare in boxing, so betting on X will likely see high odds.

And there is usually a heavy favourite for the fight — especially if it is a title fight where the resining champion is defending his or her belts. Equally, if you think a match will be stopped via KO, TKO or the towel before the sixth round, you could bet on This is particularly useful for boxing betting when there is a heavy favourite to win the match. Those latter odds may be more interesting for a punter looking to earn a greater potential return on their bet.

However, with the bigger odds comes a greater risk of the bet not coming off. Watching a big fight is a shared experience for sports fans around the world, and naturally, people love to bet on these big events. Boxing Moneylines, Explained Boxing is, for intents and purposes, a moneyline sport.

There are two fighters, and each will have a moneyline listed next to his name. Jacobs fight as an example. That means to cash the over, you need the fight to pass the mark in Round 9. Other Boxing Props There are other props available for fights at most books. Decision , Time of Victory Round 1, Round 2, etc. You will get a variety of prices for props like these derived from the moneyline and profile of the fighter.

Present day Deontay Wilder is more likely to win a fight by knockout than Floyd Mayweather toward the end of his career, and will be priced as such. Stats and Info to Know 4. Implied Probability The first thing you should do when you are breaking down a fight and handicapping any sport, really is to convert the odds into probability.

All odds correlate with an implied probability, and you can easily convert them here. In theory, if you think Alvarez wins this fight more than Conversely, if you think Jacobs takes the fight more than The Record So much in boxing comes down to one number — the amount of losses a fighter has.

Stats to Know In basically all other sports, there are a lot of predictive stats that bettors can use to gain an edge.

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