difference between projection and displacement defense mechanisms
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Difference between projection and displacement defense mechanisms

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An athlete instinctively dislikes a hockey team member, but over time begins to believe their teammate hates them. A woman criticizes her daughter for interrupting her while she's talking, when in fact, she regularly interrupts her daughter.

Someone feels guilty for feeling the urge to steal, leading them to suspect that others are planning to take their wallet or other valuables. A young man ignores his own aggressive impulses and instead inaccurately believes his friend has aggressive tendencies. Since Freud first introduced projection as a defense mechanism, people have often used the term in everyday conversation. However, when they discuss projection in simple terms, they usually don't think of it as a defensive element.

In these instances, projection describes seeing one's traits in others or, slightly more specifically, seeing traits in others that one incorrectly believes they don't possess. Yet, neither of these cases is projection used to protect the ego against features one finds threatening.

The personal characteristics one projects onto others could be positive or neutral. To indeed be a defense mechanism, projection must be based on Freud's initial conceptualization. Seeing one's undesirable traits in others while denying them in oneself helps an individual defend their ego. Projection defined this way is referred to as defensive or classical projection.

Without a defensive element, one shouldn't consider projection a defense mechanism but as a cognitive bias in which one assumes other people are similar. The idea that people overestimate the number of people who share their traits, desires, thoughts, and feelings is referred to as the false consensus , and studies have provided ample evidence for this tendency. Impact of Defensive Projection Like many defense mechanisms, in the short term, projection can be helpful.

By denying uncomfortable truths about themselves, people can better cope with their anxieties and maintain their self-esteem. However, projection can ultimately become harmful because it can disrupt interpersonal relationships and lead to issues like bullying, jealousy, and victim-blaming.

It also may cause the individual to subconsciously create a hostile social world they believe is populated by people who exhibit the traits they dislike most and are least willing to confront in themselves. Furthermore, studies have shown that frequent use of defensive projection is associated with features related to borderline, narcissistic, histrionic, and psychopathic personality disorders. Conflict Resolution Mistakes to Avoid How to Recognize and Overcome Projection Given the subconscious nature of defense mechanisms, recognizing your own use of defensive projection can be challenging, but it is possible.

The first step is self-reflection. Try to be honest with yourself about what makes you insecure and anxious, and examine the traits and impulses you have that you may least like about yourself. Then, attempt to view your behavior objectively to see if you may be projecting any of the anxieties you have about yourself onto someone else. How do you deal with defense mechanisms?

Here are some tips on how to coach yourself to break free of defence mechanisms and practice new ways of responding and engaging. Go in the opposite direction. Practice mindfulness. Ask yourself how your defences are limiting you or holding you back: Give yourself permission to experience real intimacy. What are displaced feelings? Displacement is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person redirects a negative emotion from its original source to a less threatening recipient.

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Think of displacement as placing your feeling towards something/object. An example of this defense mechanism is when your friend mocks you, so you go home and punch the wall. . Projection is the shifting one’s own unacceptable thoughts, feelings or actions onto someone else in an attempt to avoid feelings of guilt, shame or regret. For example, if you were cheating on . Projection and displacement are similar, but projection involves misinterpreting the target’s motivations, while displacement involves misattributing one’s own response.