good sports betting podcasts
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Good sports betting podcasts spread betting tips of the day

Good sports betting podcasts

Together our crew provides the best analytics-driven projections, injury updates, and actionable gambling talk, with sage advice on betting market inefficiencies, avoiding misleading trends and so much more. Listeners can download or stream episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play and other podcast platforms, where they can check out past episodes and rate, review and subscribe to the show. For more great sports gambling and fantasy content, including up-to-the-minute fantasy updates, custom bet tracking and analytics, check out ActionNetwork.

But the Action Network duo leave that in the past as they focus on their efforts on a Week 8 slate full of juicy spots. Together they build their usual Sunday Six Pack of picks, along with totals, teasers, moneyline dogs and more. Is now the time to bet on Kliff Kingsbury? Listen and find out for yourself! The guys jump right into their top 5 players at each skill position. They discuss who they're high on and who they're fading.

Plus, a look at a few player props along the way. Tune in to hear a deep dive of the guys' projection models, how they compare to each other and where some of your favorite players sit in their projections for Week 8. Subscribe, rate and review for more NFL betting content and check out the Fantasy Flex podcast from the Action Network for more fantasy football insights.

Action Network host Brendan Glasheen welcomes NFL betting experts Brandon Anderson and Gilles Gallant to preview the game, but first, they break down what they learned from Sunday's games from a betting perspective. The expert tipsters and star guests provide hints and valuable advice for all the upcoming sporting actions. Whether you are a newcomer or a professional gambler, the various expert analysts and commentators are at your disposal to provide a range of racing posts.

Behind the Bets The bettors who want to get informed about all things in the world of sports betting should join the Behind the Bets podcast. This well-known podcast focuses on college football and the NFL covering great betting information to be learnt by just listening. There is no need to panic because the gambling experts join the show every week to analyse different sportsbook topics. Hosting by Chad Millman, the sports gambling cultures will be explored to help both beginners and experts on sports betting get more profound information and popular betting strategies for all players.

Released weekly, the Behind the Bets shows are between minutes. Bet the Board Hosted by the former oddsmaker, Todd Fuhrman, and professional bettor Payne Insider, Bet the Board is a podcast categorised as betting advice.

These two podcasts help gamblers by previewing gambling companies every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The information that the listeners get is covered all areas associated with sports betting like the science behind the lines and the simple game analysis.

The bettors will be able to acquire information in an entertaining mood pushing them to bet smartly. As the frequent discussions on Bet the Board go around the betting lines and the tips to hit the winnings, this podcast, thus, deserves to be joined. With their experiences, the listeners will surely acquire information and tricks to become excellent punters. These betting strategies, evidently, maximise the expected value of the bettors.

An extensive range of betting tips is hence guaranteed to the gamblers who opt for this well-known podcast. Conclusion The avid gamblers consider podcasting a great opportunity to collect different tips and instructions that help them to increase their chance of winning.

As the podcasting creators are passionate or knowledgeable about betting, they share their expertise and insight with the listeners. Gambling podcasts have become popular and have shown millions of listeners over the last few years.

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