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Alien base ethereal

You need one of each of these to research the Firestorm, two flight computers and one power source per Firestorm you build, and then the Stealth Satellites project in the Foundry and the Satellite Nexus improvement both require flight computers as well. Things it is perfectly okay to sell as long as you have enough to be getting on with: Corpses. All corpses should be autopsied as they open up new items and Foundry projects, but autopsies do not use up a corpse so as long as you have one in your inventory you can do the autopsy and then sell it.

Muton corpses — Six required for Ammo Conservation in the Foundry. Floater corpses — Three required per Interceptor dodge boost. Sell the rest. Sectoid corpses — Three required per Interceptor aim boost, four needed to research Alien Containment.

Ditto Floaters; keep a dozen, sell the rest. Cyberdisk wreckage — Two needed for Advanced Flight in the Foundry, two required per Interceptor speed boost. Chryssalid corpses —Four required per Chitin Plating. Keep them until you have enough to make two Chitin Plates. Berserker corpses — One needed per Combat Stims. Sectopod wreckage — Two needed for Advanced Construction in the Foundry. Ethereal corpses — Required for the Mind Shield, keep them. Elite corpses, Sectoid Commander corpses — Useless, sell them off.

Manufacturing and Equipment. Medkits — No more than two unless you really like the idea of a squad full of medics. You want at least one, possibly two depending on how you like to roll with your assaults. Interceptor Powerups — These are only required in very specific scenarios, like when you send your Firestorm out to attack an alien Battleship.

Laser-armed interceptors do fine against all smaller UFOs. Combat Stims — I never found a use for them. He will have two equipment slots. Put the Mind Shield in the second one; Ethereals like to MC the nearest trooper they can see, which will inevitably be Mr. SHIVs — Oooh, this is a tricky one. SHIVs will not babysit your rookies until they transform into big beefy alien-killers.

The only reason you want a SHIV on your squad is for the same reason bomb disposal robots exist: to take the hits and die first, sparing an XCOM trooper a messy death. SHIVs will never get better at killing aliens except through a line of weapons upgrades to lasers and then plasma. Get this for your Squad Sight sniper. It will turn them into the fist of God. Ghost Suit — Can work well in tandem with an Archangel sniper, as the Ghost Suit lets you sit in the middle of a bunch of aliens without them ever being able to shoot you.

Get one, stick it on a support with Sprint, everyone else gets Titan. Psi Suit — Boosts Will and the likelihood of psychic attacks connecting. Whether you go with this or Titan on your psionics will largely depend on how many you can make before the end mission. Managing panic. Otherwise, these are the main panic factors: Abduction missions — Almost always crop up in threes.

The country and region you select will experience a reduction in panic. Always shoot them down, if you can. Failing missons — Try not to do this. Shooting down UFOs and clearing the wreckage will reduce panic in the host country. Storyline missions will reduce panic worldwide. Managing alien progress.

Vahlen shouts at you to move the plot onwards by doing whatever the objective of the moment is. Ignore her. All alien types will show up eventually if you just leave the plot stuff forever, but doing it too early will bring very strong aliens into the game you might not have the ability to cope with. For example, assaulting the alien base will replace all Outsiders in UFOs with a brace of Sectoid Commanders, who are much tougher. Believe me when I say that trying to take on a Sectopod with laser weapons is not something you want to be doing.

Tactical combat. Keep the following points in mind at all times. Dashing into the fog of war is really dumb. Really dumb. Moving into the fog of war with your last move of the turn is likewise really dumb. You always want to take the first shot in a fight if you possibly can, and XCOM is remarkably accommodating in this regard so long as you play it right.

Advance slowly and cautiously, even if it means moving only a couple of squares at a time, and try never to dash if you can help it; you always want your guys either Hunkered Down or on Overwatch if possible. Only use low cover if there are absolutely, positively no other options. Never get caught out of cover or flanked if you can help it, as this will massively increase the chances of a critical hit and a one-shot kill on your soldiers.

Use explosives liberally to remove enemy cover. Heavies are similarly very useful for precisely this reason. As with everything Vahlen says, do not listen; getting kills and keeping your troops alive is far more important than getting some extra weapon fragments at the end of the mission. That goes double for petrol pumps — literally, as they have a radius of two. I once saw a berserker get killed from full health because he was standing too close to a petrol pump. Stunned aliens can be killed by explosions.

Low level assaults and snipers should advance with their pistols out as default as shotguns and sniper rifles are specialty weapons that are only good at short and long range respectively. Remember that Chitin Plating turns Berserkers and Chryssalids into a joke as long as you can bait them into attacking the person wearing it.

You have two options once this happens: either shoot it till it dies, or get a sniper to hit it with Disabling Shot. Disabling Shot is similarly quite useful against other HP buckets like Cyberdiscs. Trans-dermal armor and graviton pulse drive continue to be the best available hull and engine for our ships, even twenty years later.

Hey look, it's a funny "sixty-nine, dudes! Aren't we clever now. Our alien autopsy video is much cooler than the ones the Mutant Alliance claims to have. However are we going to deal with the offensive powerhouse know as a freighter?

They say this development will lead to better missiles, but I hardly ever use the ones they give me. The invention of synthetic elerium wasn't the great advancement we were hoping it might be. It's less power intensive to mine in the Frontier than it is to manufacture from scratch, so mining of elerium will continue to be of great importance. The tracking tracer cannon is of much greater importance to me. The regular tracer cannon fires straight.

The tracking tracer cannon aims for you, so all you have to do is point your ship in the general direction of an alien and it will automatically aim and hit it for you. The drawback is low damage and high energy requirements. Still, the entire fleet is getting some of these!

So yeah, tachyon pulsars What's our reward for going on this dangerous mission? Two-fifty grand. Our current balance is fifty million. So here's the tracking tracer cannon in action. It rules. That muton never knew what hit it. Speaking of mutons, they suck as pilots. Better than the missiles we have, but not worth the trouble of equipping on all our craft. Fusion and X-winder missiles do just fine. We've started taking out a lot of outposts in the Frontier. And look! We find another alien base in the process.

The vector control thrusters look cool at first glance. It gives you the ability to move laterally. The problem is that our fighters can't detect our advanced joystick's HAT switch so we have to use a keyboard to use them, which really, really sucks. I went to destroy that new alien base. I noticed it was defended by a phantasm class ship. The pilot was some creature called a "Psilord". Good thing I'm the lord of gravitas, and we captured the ship.

Our new engine gave us the capability to win a tractor tug-of-war with a phantasm. Research of this new ship will be a high priority. We've got a lot of new tech researched, but unfortunately, not much of it is of direct use to us. The phase cannon is a decent weapon. It's more damaging and power efficient than the tracer cannon, but you have to aim it. THIS gun is totally useless. It totally drains your weapon energy when you fire it, so if you miss, you're boned. And if you hit?

You maybe, maybe confuse the pilot to fight on your side - for like 10 seconds. Very true. Psionic attacks were a very important part of the first two alien wars, but they played almost no part in dogfights in the Frontier.

With our AATS devices, our ships can scan a heck of a lot better than probes, even probes that move in little circles. Still, probes are useful for exploring far away nooks of the Frontier. The accumulator shields are pretty cool. Too bad we can't use them on our ships for some reason.

Autopsy on the Psilord tells us that whenever we're in a fight, we need to kill the Psilords first. It's a good thing we've never seen these things used as soldiers as they would be highly effective.

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Let's Play X-Com UFO Defense - (#7) Alien Base in Antarctica

Only Argentina and Brazil have left XCOM. I get ready for my first base assault but it gets delayed twice by the aliens throwing everything they have at the satellite over Brazil (I prefer to save . Jan 11,  · WellMad Jan 11, @ pm. First make sure you have Alien containment in the correct base (I did that a few times) got leaders/commands at second or third bases . Apr 04,  · A ROB being curious. Assume that they got vital intel on each of these alien bases from the X-Com Universe. How well would the Modern Military handle against the X .