loufa fun park nicosia betting
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Loufa fun park nicosia betting

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Loufa Fun Park Nicosia — Fun2Play Hello everybody, I am so happy that I discovered Lofa Fun Park and I feel that there are starting to be so many opportunities for kids in Cyprus to have fun, which will make Cyprus a delightful destination for families with children. One afternoon spent at Loufa Fun Park Nicosia will completely empty the energy batteries of your kids. They will need to be recharged after a looong night of sleep.

Kids will have Fun at the outdoor and indoor playground Loufa! As soon as you will let them free, your children will run, will jump, will climb and exercise. They will get tired but happy, after spending such a fun day! Of course, you will not lose your time, while drinking a nice cold frappe, you will be watching TV or you will check your news on Facebook, as there is free Wii-Fi and fantastic comfy couches. With only 2. The prices are very good and the playground is calling for the kids to have lots of Fun2Play.

Loufa Fun Park has a very generous outdoor space but also a brand new indoor play area, full with 4 big bouncy castles one of which has a huge slide. There are 6 large trampolines to jump until you lose your breath away. There is a small football field where you can run after a ball and have fun with your daddy.

That makes this playground a good place to go if you have big kids and you are searching for more challenging experiences but also if you have babies and toddlers. There are plenty of funny activities for them too, as Loufa had all in mind. That makes this playground a good place to go if you have big kids and you are searching for more challenging experiences but also if you have babies and toddlers. There are plenty of funny activities for them too, as Loufa had all in mind.

There are two small structures, one of them with two slides and a swing which is so nice for very small toddlers that are just starting to walk, and the other for toddlers just learning to climb with two more slides. There are plenty of ride ones cars waiting to be ride all over the playground.

The new indoor area just opened two months ago brings more fun for all the children that will visit Loufa Fun Park. With tunnels, double slides, climbing structure, and many many balls this space will keep kids cosy and bring more exciting experiences for all children. I loved this playground as it is big, so plenty of space to run, there were lots of things to do for the kids small or big, completely secured surrounded by very high fence.

The table area is positioned so you could not lose out of your sight your children. There is a friendly atmosphere where families come to meet and have cup of coffee, relaxing, spending their time in the fresh air, close to Nicosia. It is nice to know that these kind of parks, helps parents and children to relax in the same time, as there is nothing to be afraid of and you are able to let the kids run safely.

A fantastic adventure on a very nice playground, plenty of things to do for children of all ages, outside, in the cool afternoon air. The food is prepared there, it is fresh and tasty, at very good prices and very nice selection. The playground is also open to birthdays parties and offers very good prices of the Party Package! Loufa Fun Park just opened their gates, so all the facilities are brand new, clean and functional so why not let's enjoy a wonderful afternoon together with your kids and friends in this wonderful park!

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