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Mayweather bet

That means Money's perfect record would be on the line. Both fighters are all-too-happy to share their thoughts, whether it's via conventional media or their own social media feeds, so we'll no doubt be kept in the loop as this picture develops further. Mayweather vs McGregor 1 odds and line movement Mayweather opens as a massive -1, favorite for the rumored rematch but if their first bout is any indication, plenty of changes are to come.

However, the nearly two-month promotional circus in the lead-up to fight night allowed plenty of time for the public to have their say — and did they ever. And we all know what happened next. Floyd Mayweather???????? Conor McGregor???????? So, why is there a potential rematch in the cards? Money talks, and in this instance, it's deafening. The first Mayweather vs.

McGregor bout was billed as "The Money Fight" and if nothing else, it delivered on that. The pair proceeded to sell the fight with tremendous success, eventually gathering a record-setting 4. While neither Mayweather nor McGregor are as prominent in the fighting world as they were half a decade ago, the pair remain superstars in pop culture.

Add in the attention Jake and Logan Paul have inarguably brought to the world of boxing in recent years, and you have a perfect recipe for yet another nine-figure payday for Mayweather and McGregor. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor 2 odds analysis Mayweather has gone a perfect in his career and is best known for his incredible defense and accurate punching.

The American boxing superstar has turned selling a fight into an art form, never failing to induce the multitudes into buying his pay-per-views. His crossover fight with UFC legend Conor McGregor will always be on of the biggest combat sporting events of all time with both combatants raking in eye-watering sums of money from the bout. Now, Floyd has taken to exhibition fights as a means of keeping the cash machines whirring with bouts against the likes of Logan Paul and kick-boxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

However, stepping between the ropes isn't Floyd's only source of income, but some of his other methods are far more risky. It is widely known that Floyd is a prolific gambler, but just how much money has he made from betting on sporting events?

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He could stand in the pocket with many good punchers and slip, dip and avoid strikes coming his way with a big smile on his face while he threw one counterpunch and landed cleanly. He was a defensive boxer but is also the most accurate puncher in the history of the CompuBox scoring system. His reflexes and knowledge of his opponents were such that many punches that came his way were either blocked, grazed their target or missed completely.

Some would argue Floyd chose to fight bigger-name opponents after they had passed their prime. Of course, the most notable example of that was his long-awaited bout with Manny Pacquiao that took place about five years after people called for it. But with a guy that is virtually unhittable, it makes sense to see the Mayweather odds always in his favor.

Pacquiao is accomplishing great feats, like beating year-old Keith Thurman — which should be unprecedented at the welterweight division for a year-old, and the media is noticing. Guess who else is noticing? The question would be: are we giving McGregor home field advantage for this one — making it a sanctioned-UFC event?

Khabib Nurmagomedov Currently, this bet could be of great value for sports bettors. Floyd has made some more demands, like the diva he is, and if a fight versus Nurmagomedov occurs, it will be in a boxing ring.

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Floyd Mayweather Shows Off the Crazy Amount of Cash He Brought to BET Awards

Oct 10,  · Floyd Mayweather vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Currently, this bet could be of great value for sports bettors. Day-by-day, the odds for Nurmagomedov being . Jul 11,  · The legendary boxer, and former McGregor opponent, showed off a ticket for a $50, bet he placed on Poirier, a slight favorite entering the fight, to win on Instagram. The . AdLooking For Mayweather Floyd? We Have Almost Everything On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Mayweather Floyd On eBay.