towcester greyhound betting strategy
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Towcester greyhound betting strategy differences between ripple bitcoin and ethereum

Towcester greyhound betting strategy

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Namely, you should also learn about the types of dog races and the most popular events. In general, UK tracks hold six dogs per track, offering punters a wealth of betting opportunities. Only the stadiums in Towcester and Shawfield come with eight and five dog traps, respectively.

Therefore, money is up for grabs, so visit some of the new betting sites and click on the greyhounds betting tab. Then browse the menu and inspect the betting odds. How to Win at Dog Racing Of course, finding the greyhounds markets on the platform is only the start of the process. Bookmakers provide early odds on high-profile races, but the starting price can drift and offer better or lower value to a punter. Thus, one of the greyhounds racing systems that work every time is to wager on the websites that provide the best odds guaranteed.

Like in horse racing, different bookmakers can provide different prices for the same race. Thus, punters should also shop around and compare the odds coming from several platforms. Moreover, creating accounts with multiple bookies is a common practice these days because it allows you to take advantage of the best prices on the market.

Anyone willing to learn how to win betting on greyhounds should also realise the importance of understanding the dog racing scene inside out. In other words, your long-term success depends on accumulated knowledge about specific dogs, their trainers, breeders, and kennels from which greyhounds arrive. As the Ferraris of the dog world, modern greyhounds often come with a famous pedigree and lineage. For instance, Westmead Hawk, a superstar greyhound, also had a prolific career as a stud, producing several future champions.

Thus, punters hunting big wins in the dog racing world should consider these aspects before wagering their hard-earned money. Of course, knowing more about dogs will help you learn how to bet on greyhounds in general. Likewise, previous performances of a specific greyhound can affect results in the upcoming races. Depending on your betting style, you could opt for different strategies for betting on dogs.

In essence, no approach is wrong, as long as you follow the basic money management principles and never bet more than you can afford. On the other hand, some betting systems can yield better returns than others. Nonetheless, before moving on to plans and strategies, punters must grasp the basics of different bet types. After all, betting on greyhounds strategy-wise starts by selecting the markets and adding them to the bet slip.

For example, the straight win bet is the most basic option you could opt for when betting on dogs. In translation, you only need to predict the winner. To do so, select one of the six candidates and place a wager. Of course, it will be easy to calculate returns since you only need to multiply the odds with the stake. Another option for your greyhounds betting strategy would be to minimise the risks by opting for each-way bets. We will start by explaining the layout and length of stadium, before moving on to the events you could expect to see there, as well as giving a history lesson as to how the track started.

Then at the end of our overview we will pick our no. Keep on reading our overview to get at exactly why Towcester track is a brilliant place for you to start placing some quality greyhound bets. Towcester Greyhound Stadium: Analysing the Turf Towcester is located in Northamptonshire, a county in the north of England, and boasts a track that goes all the way up to metres.

The racing distances are m, m, m, m, m and metres. An amazing feature the track has is a huge television screen situated on the home straight — emulating replay screens in football stadiums, these screens have brought a new sense of prestige to greyhound racing. The greyhound track is located within a larger horse racing track, making it one of the most iconic racing complexes in the country. It also hosts big party events and concerts; meaning that this is much, much more than just a racecourse — becoming a source of community in the Towcester greyhound betting community.

The biggest part of the racecourse however, are the events, which we will cover below: Towcester Greyhound Track Events Towcester has risen in such popularity as a greyhound track for one key reason; it is host to none other than the English greyhound derby. It is the biggest greyhound event in the world, having run since After Wimbledon racecourse sadly closed — a day we in the betting community will never forget — the Derby moved to the newly built Towcester.

Also falling on the night of the Derby final is the Champion Hurdle, which is one of the biggest hurdle event.