world a better place without religion there would be no war
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World a better place without religion there would be no war bill gates and bitcoin

World a better place without religion there would be no war

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We've been designed to meet the demands of the environment in which we were born. Imagine being born in the Caribbean with freckles and ginger hair. You'd soon come to bemoan the fact that you didn't have dark skin to protect you from the damaging ultra-violet rays of the sun.

But there are still religions today that believe certain races are superior purely because of the colour of their skin. Why do we still give credence to these indoctrinated prejudices that deride and discredit anyone who's that little bit different from ourselves? Another aspect of much mainstream religion is the sheer bigotry that only one religion has the ultimate truth and that everyone else are lost souls drowning in false hopes and beliefs.

I have had Mormons call on me at the same time as the Jehovah's Witnesses yet neither would agree to sit down and say a prayer together! God in his infinite wisdom is probably laughing at them both. Many demand the end to religion as it's a constant source of conflict. In any war, it's always the innocent who suffer. There's not one nation on earth that hasn't abused another at some point in history, in the name of religion.

All nations have blood on their hands. We can only hope that one day they might come to live side by side in harmony and learn to appreciate the diversity of religious beliefs, putting away territorial disputes and intolerance of anything different from their own cultural background. This is something all like-minded peaceable people can strive for the world over, whatever their individual beliefs and ideologies.

In many countries, religion is fundamentally a way of life, woven into the very fabric of society and is far more about tradition than belief. When certain religious figures herald ideas that many of us consider small-minded, if we shape our opinions on knee-jerk reactions, it is easy to turn around and label anyone who identifies as part of that same denomination as narrow.

If a major religious figure -- say, the Pope -- condemns contraception or gay marriage with a faith-based argument, if we turn around and assume that all Catholics believe the same, we are operating on harmful stereotypes.

It's important to remember that even though someone might identify as part of a certain religion, it does not mean that he or she has to accept everything that the religion's figurehead espouses. I believe that this applies to essentially all of the world's major religions: even if a religion doesn't have a single figurehead -- such as Sunni Islam -- the individual tenets of a minority group shouldn't lead us to believe that all members of the faith believe the same.

The flawed thinking that has wrongly painted Muslims as terrorists is the same that leads some to believe that all Catholics believe members of the LGBT community should remain second-class citizens. Advertisement Religion is an extremely personal facet of identity, which everyone understands in his or her own way. To be flippant about someone's religion -- based on the assumption that he or she subscribes to a political belief system that violates your conception of equality -- is presumptuous.

Even the student from the Princeton Society of Secular Humanists ended our interview by saying how he "recognize[s] that most religious people are average, good people. One person, or a small group's, inflammatory rhetoric should never be the basis for painting an entire faith as stupid or narrow. People who spread messages of hate are not adhering to principles of compassion -- and compassion is one of the central things that make religion valuable. In contrary to the rhetoric of some individuals, you can be a devout Catholic who supports reproductive or gay rights, just like you can be a practicing Muslim who champions women's rights.

I spoke with a Princeton student who identifies both as a gay man and a devout Catholic, an identity that some might call an oxymoron. I asked him whether he feels like a lesser Catholic because some members of the church's political body condemn his queer identity. He says that it is occasionally disheartening, but most of the time, it is something that he successfully reconciles. The Catholic church doesn't want blind followers. If some verse in the Bible or Koran says that women should be perpetually subordinate or that gays should be stoned, and your conscience tells you that these ideas are standards by which we should never abide, you're not being heretical.

You're being moral. Our conversation reminded me of a lecture I heard from the Dalai Lama last September. He spoke of the underlying commonalities between different religions, espousing the idea that all religions are fundamentally the same. He believes that most tenets that people distort as justification for oppression are nonessential parts of religion. Advertisement The Dalai Lama asserted that morality can exist completely independently of religion, and that there are many secular people who are virtuous human beings, but that religion is an effective medium for promoting universally-positive, humanistic beliefs for those who are particularly receptive to faith.

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"A religious war or a war of religion, sometimes also known as a holy war (Latin: bellum sacrum), is a war which is primarily caused or justified by differences in religion. In the . Oct 13,  · Would the world be a better place without religion? Religious ethics means rules, or in other words ‘law and order’. Replace the word ‘religion’ with ‘culture’ than you . Answer (1 of 3): If there was no religion and no communities and no races: * We could have avoided the Lebanese Civil War. , lives saved. * We could have avoided The .