tournament betting brackets
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Tournament betting brackets wiki value investing seminar

Tournament betting brackets

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This is a lethal offense that can keep pace with the best of them. With the ACC being as wild as it is this season, this is a pass for me. Virginia Tech is sneakily one of the best teams in the ACC. The Hokies finished the regular season with an ugly loss vs. Clemson, but before that, they were on a three-game win streak.

This team is still legit, but time is running out for the Hokies to put it all together. They still have my interest, though, as they have the formula to beat Duke and other high-powered offenses. I think Virginia Tech will put together a run, making this a must-play for me. The Hokies benefit from being on the lower part of the bracket, and by beginning their run in the second round. They will get a revenge game against Clemson or a tune-up against NC State.

Verdict: Add 0. The Irish were a pleasant surprise this year, as they led the ACC or were within one game until the very end in conference play. Are they a sneaky top-tier team? Notre Dame 38th in AdjO is a dangerous shooting unit that looks for the most efficient look. Just like Virginia Tech, Notre Dame relies on maximizing limited possessions at a slow tempo. While being on the bottom half of the bracket makes the Irish intriguing, I will instead put a wager on them if they play Virginia Tech in order to hedge my future on the Hokies.

Like UNC, Miami relied on its offense to out-shoot opponents and pray to the high heavens that its defense could do enough to help it get the win. Still, this is a formidable offense that possesses the power to shine. The Canes are led by Kameron McGusty — who averages The Canes are unpredictable, own a suspect defense and are in the top half of the bracket with Duke. This is an easy pass for me. By Chantel Jennings and more Mar 17, 3 We put together an expert roundtable — with Chantel Jennings, Charlotte Carroll and Shannon Ryan — to help us pick a winner, a long shot, some upsets, an unheralded player to watch… and more.

And good luck! Who is your pick to win the tournament? South Carolina knows who it is and what it can do. And I can see the loss to Kentucky serving the same purpose for the Gamecocks that the Missouri loss did at the beginning of the conference season. Remember what the Gamecocks did after losing to the Tigers? They won 17 straight games.

An time national championship winner is not a crazy choice, but the Huskies have weathered so many ups and downs that even its historic Final Four streak seemed in jeopardy only a month ago. And yet, here we are. UConn looks as dominant as ever and Paige Bueckers is back to doing Paige things. The Gamecocks are the top seed for a reason. Defense and veterans win championships … and South Carolina has both. Chantel: The Texas Longhorns are sitting at to-1 after going on an absolute tear through the Big 12 tournament.

Bonus: If Stanford and Texas reach the Elite Eight often considered the toughest game in the entire tournament , the Longhorns already have a game plan for handling Stanford, having beaten the Cardinal earlier this season.

Charlotte: Kentucky is sitting at to-1 after upsetting the tournament favorite South Carolina. The Wildcats are peaking at the right time and that conference tournament magic could extend to Minneapolis. First-round opponent Villanova has a high-volume scorer in Maddy Siegrist , who ranks second nationally with Gonzales, who shoots Despite the Wolverines playing on their home court, the Cougars can pounce on an opponent that has lost four of its last six games.

In the Wichita Region, No. But by then, the Cougars might have enough momentum to shake up the brackets and surprise the Final Four party. Chantel: In my own bracket , I picked No. Could the Tigers defense do it again to contain Rhyne Howard? Advertisement Shannon: Stephen F. Austin pushed Georgia into overtime before losing in the first round last season.

This year, the Ladyjacks are the perfect No.

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