brooklyn nets vs celtics game 2
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Brooklyn nets vs celtics game 2 bitcoin cash coin

Brooklyn nets vs celtics game 2

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Overall, the Nets scored more than 1. The Nets were in the top six of the NBA in free throw accuracy Why the Celtics can cover Boston is known for its defense, and the Celtics throttled the Nets at times in Game 1, with Brooklyn producing only 1. However, Boston was also explosive on offense, with Jayson Tatum finishing with 31 points and eight assists to go along with the game-winning bucket.

Tatum averaged Four members of the Celtics reached the point mark in Game 1, and Boston ranked in the top six of the NBA in two-point accuracy The Celtics also made That offense combines with a sub-par Brooklyn defense, and the Celtics are elite on the defensive end. As soon as Durant got back on the floor, he back-rimmed a midrange jumper off an after-timeout play. It was the kind of shot he has made a million times, but it was well contested and Brooklyn was lucky to come away with the rebound.

Seth Curry tried to take Williams and then Horford off the dribble, but couldn't convert with his left hand. The Nets continued to target Williams, a sturdy, 6-foot-6 forward, without success. Irving dribbled out of a double-team and missed a pull-up 2, rather than making Boston pay for abandoning Andre Drummond in the paint and Goran Dragic on the perimeter. Durant danced with the ball beyond the 3-point line, only for Williams to poke it away, out of bounds, off Durant, his sixth turnover of the game.

Brooklyn's most surprising offensive possession was the one in which Drummond put the ball on the floor near halfcourt, hit Williams with a crossover and kicked the ball out to Curry. Irving screened for Durant on the other side, but since the Celtics' like-sized stars were on them, it was a simple switch.

Bruce Brown might've had a dunk if he'd cut from the corner, but instead he spaced and misses a 3 over Williams. Again the Nets wasted an offensive rebound, as Tatum and Horford swarmed Irving and forced a turnover. The most ill-advised shot came from Durant, who shot 0 for 10 in the second half.

Attempting to end Brooklyn's five-minute scoring drought, he forced a midrange jumper with both Tatum and Jaylen Brown converging on him. Tatum blocked it. The confusing part is that, for most of the fourth quarter, Boston had Payton Pritchard on the court and the Nets didn't pick on him. Instead, there was Durant trying a turnaround against Jaylen Brown, then Irving missing a layup with Williams contesting from behind: When Pritchard went to the bench, both Irving and Durant resorted to off-the-dribble jumpers against Horford.

These aren't bad looks for those guys, but when they're the best looks you can get, the defense is doing its job. Brooklyn wants to make the defense move , make the defense think and use all the attention the Durant and Irving attract to create easy looks for shooters and slashers. When the Nets are in the flow, the superstar shots are more deflating. Brooklyn coach Steve Nash said that the team's intensity dropped after halftime.

They know that the Celtics are positioning help defenders at the nail and switching to keep the ball in front. They know that Durant and Irving can counter this with crazy shot-making, but that it's not wise to rely on that -- especially now that they need four wins in five games. The Celtics had those advantages when the Nets trailed for most of Game 2, though, and the same was true when the opener went down to the wire.

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