intellitronix digital dash
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Intellitronix digital dash

Voltmeter displays 7. Know Before You Buy! If you have a LS engine, then please be aware that you may need adapters metric to nonmetric for our sending units. You may have to obtain them elsewhere separately, though they may have been included with your engine kit, so you may already have them. Also, if your LS engine is 4-cylinder, then please make a note at checkout letting us know, so that we can set the tachometer accordingly. The tachometer is programmable, you can set it yourself if it comes set differently.

About Intellitronix Intellitronix Corp is an industry leader, manufacturing LED lighting and microprocessor-controlled LED products, which are first-class, energy-saving devices for the automotive electronic, marine, and recreational vehicle markets. Intellitronix has a wide range of best-selling automotive electronics, accessories, and digital gauges sold and distributed internationally.

LEDs have become the powerhouse of the lighting world surpassing traditional light bulbs, television and computer screen illumination, being seen in trendsetting applications like headlights and taillights in cars, trucks, and daytime running and off-road lighting.

Not only does Intellitronix understands the power and importance of utilizing LEDs but has the genius and expertise to put this knowledge into practice. It works on cylinder engines. The oil pressure display has PSI range sending unit included. Voltmeter display with 7.

Fuel level is programmable to 4 different ohm ranges ohm, ohm, ohm, ohm. If you have an LS engine, be aware that you may need adapters metric to nonmetric for our sending units, see IN Includes programmable tachometer.

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I contacted customer service both before the install and when I ran into this problem, once it started to cause my computer to throw a VSS error code not present before putting this gauge in and the first time they were very slow to respond, the second time they simply never did. I made sure all of my connections were solid, and I even but a new acrylic plastic gauge cover to fit the new gauge, but couldn't overcome this mounting issue in the end and sent it back.

Plus, the bad customer service didn't make me want to hang onto it longer than the return period. It's too bad, cause for the 58 miles it actually worked for, it looked pretty good. Anyway, trying to get this thing to work and fit, was a waste of about 6 hours of my time. I ended up getting an old cluster in the end. This company is also known not to be Japanese car friendly from other reviews I've read and from my own experiences. Oil pressure sender included. Voltmeter display with 7.

Better precision and better visibility than you can buy with any other manufacturer! Fuel Level is programable to 4 different ohms ranges. Clock displays in standard hours and minutes. The panels also feature turn signals and high beam indicator making it the ultimate way to keep the ride you love cruising through the times. You should note however, that most sellers drop-ship these items, meaning that they are custom built when you order them, from the factory, take up to 30 days to build, and then they get shipped out to you from Intellitronix.

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INTELLITRONIX 1978-1988 Monte Carlo-El Camino LED Panel DP9002

Jul 13,  · By far this is the nicest digital dash I have ever seen, this has made driving at night fun again and I see all the gauges, the xtras on this is awesome, trip and tach along with all gauges in this is so nice in my Impala, and with the blue interior lights it looks so very hot. Intellitronix® - LED Digital Panel Kits Reviews. Intellitronix. Nov 21,  · Intellitronix digital gauges have a superb appearance that will make your auto’s dash look unique, while easily helping you see the dash much better at night. Intellitronix . Product Description. Create-A-Dash Universal LED Digital Kit - DP CREATE-A-DASH was created for those of you who are looking to build a custom digital dash and love the look and .