3betting and facing a 3bet poker
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3betting and facing a 3bet poker btc micro tasks

3betting and facing a 3bet poker

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3-Bets and 4-Bets in Poker - What Are They?

Sep 03,  · What Is 3betting? You might know what a 3bet is already. But for the sake of thoroughness, a 3bet is the second raise on any street or a poker hand. Say an opponent . Sep 13,  · James "SplitSuit" Sweeney explains what polarized 3betting ranges are, the difference between merged ranges, and how to put these concepts together with some math . Sep 22,  · When 3betting, you want to 3bet to a size where you can potentially fold if you face a 4bet. If you’re 3betting more than % of your stack, you will have a tough decision .