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Distance and displacement difference between then and than rookie of year odds

Distance and displacement difference between then and than

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We explain to you the difference between distance and displacement, along with their formula, in this ScienceStruck article. Did You Know? Scalar refers to any quantity that can be defined by its magnitude only, and vector refers to any quantity that can be defined by both, magnitude and direction.

Distance is considered to be a scalar quantity, while displacement is considered to be a vector quantity. Distance and displacement are two words related to the concept of motion in physics. The motion of an object can be defined quantitatively in terms of these two.

This implies that he covered a distance of 2 miles, but has not been displaced by an inch. In other words, if an object is out of motion after reaching the start point, it is said to be not displaced. In physics, quantity has been assigned units. Similarly, the units used for distance are centimeters, kilometers, miles, nautical miles, to name a few. Also, the units used to represent displacement are the same, in addition to the direction of displacement.

Distance Vs. A A boy goes for an evening walk. He walks from point L to M, towards the west for 1 mile. He continues to walk from M to N 1 mile towards the north , and then N to O 1 mile towards the east. Now he decides to come back to the place where he had started his walk. Thus, he covers a distance of 1 mile to reach back to the point L.

Calculate the distance and the displacement. Solution: fig. B The figure above depicts the distance covered by the boy. Distance of the object gives complete information of the path travelled by the object. Displacement: Displacement of the object is defined as the minimum distance travelled by the object between the starting point of the object and the final point of the object.

For example, if we consider the last example of a bus travelling 5 Kms north and then 5 Kms east, the total displacement will be the length joining the two points. Let us check our understanding with some simple examples. Example1: A car moves 4 kms to the east and then turns and moves 2 Kms to the south, then again takes a turn moves 4 Kms to the west and then turns towards the north to move 2 Kms and reaches the point she started.

Let us find out what is the distance travelled and the displacement. The above figure represents the motion of the car. The displacement is 0. Now, the displacement is 0 because the car covered a path of 12 km during the travel, but it was not out of place when the car finished. It is in the same place where it started, so there is no displacement of motion. When we focus our attention on the direction, we notice that the 4 km travelled to the east is cancelled by the 4 Km travelled to the west, and similarly, 2 Km travelled to the south is cancelled by the 2 km travelled the north.

So, direction plays an important role in calculating displacement as it is a scalar quantity. Similarly, while calculating distance, the direction of the car can be ignored. Example 2: A person walks for m in a straight line to participate in a race.

He starts from the start point and ends at the finish point. The person walks in a straight line in one direction and finishes the race.

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