ethereum overclock settings
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Ethereum overclock settings bitcoin monopoly

Ethereum overclock settings

You will be able to see the resulting hash rate in the benchmark history. When Cudo Miner attempts to set overclocking parameters they may be set exactly or a similar value may be substituted or the value may not be set at all.

So it is important to observe the reported clock offsets and power limits on the gpu monitor. Overclocking values are only applied when the particular algorithm runs and when it is finished running Cudo Miner will attempt to apply your GPUs default settings. Cudo Miner attempts to apply your chosen settings in your GPUs maximum performance state.

Your GPUs will automatically switch to their maximum performance state while mining. Maximum and minimum offsets are shown in Cudo Miner. Memory Clock Offset Add or subtract this value to the GPU default memory clock to define the clock speed at maximum performance. Power Limit Set the power usage limit in percentage formerly was in watts , generally Nvidia GPUs have a range between watts and watts. Memory optimization GPU memory optimization adjusts memory timing parameters in an attempt to improve hashrate.

Each GPU in a computer is analysed and the best timings are applied to each card individually. The increase in performance may vary considerably depending on the model. Rejected shares Rejected shares — shares that your miner worked, but they were either not submitted in time to be included in the block or they had an error.

The most common reason for a large amount of rejected shares is because of overclocking the GPU too much to the point where it produces faulty shares. This said, most users leave their hardware at default settings as overclocking results may vary for each user.

You can either create a farm-wide profile or a worker specific profile. The worker specific settings will always override any farm-wide settings. In the Save Overclocking as Template window give your profile a name and click Save. This template can then be copied and modified for different miner or algorithm combinations. To edit your HiveOS overclocking profile, click the plus icon next to your profile's name and follow the instructions below, depending on your GPU type.

To do this remotely from your dashboard, go to your worker and click the Run Command button in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Toolbar You can specify one value for all cards or list of values for each card separated by a space. For example: — one value for all GPUs. You can create a separate set of overclock settings for each algorithm individually or choose the Default Config that will apply to all algorithms, but can be overwritten by the algorithm settings themselves.

Locked Core Clock Mhz — any value above is treated as a locked core clock. This parameter locks the core clock, which allows you to get a more stable hashrate and at the same time lower power consumption. Suitable Lock Core Clock values are divisible by 15 without a remainder, e. Usually this value is double from what you see in AfterBurner. Power Limit W — controls the power consumption.

These values must be absolute, unlike in AfterBurner, where the values are percentile. You can check your power limit values in your GPU list of the rig. For example, Power Limit This option may not work on some GPUs. Provided by OhGodACompany. Force P0 State — P0 is a fixed maximum power mode. Note that it also raises the memory base clock by MHz, so keep this in mind when setting memory overclocking.

Reduced Idle Power Consumption — allows to reduce power consumption significantly during the idle time when mining stops. Pill cmd line params — only if GDDR5X pill is enabled - specify which device should be fed our senior solution, --revA 0,1,2, Delay in seconds before running the pill — only if GDDR5X pill is enabled - may help to prevent glitches on some cards, try to set this value to or higher.

For rev1 use a negative value, like Note, these values are for demonstrational purposes. Core Clock Mhz — sets the core clock. A good value would be around If Core State is unset, then the default 5 state will be used to set the clock. All values must be absolute.

Core State Index — required if you try to undervolt your card. You should use this parameter in conjunction with Core Clock and Core Voltage settings. Decrease the value to downvolt. And you must set Core State or default 5 state will be used to set the voltage. Memory Clock Mhz — sets the memory clock speed. All values are absolute.

Mem State Index — a very advanced parameter. Change this if there are issues with undervolting. RX cards are known to have 1 or 2 memory states 3 including 0 — idle state. By default, the highest state will be selected. But some rare cards are known to fail to undervolt on the highest state and are required to select a lower one.

For example, the highest is 2 and for undervolting you would want to set the state to 1.

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Jan 15,  · Follow this formula to calculate power limit percentage change: Power Limit Decrease = GPU TDP - Power Limit (from the table below) Power Limit Percentage Decrease . May 01,  · RTX MSI Afterburner Overclock Settings for Ethereum. The following configuration is on Trex Miner and Windows These OC settings are optimal to provide . Here we also share content about GPU overclock settings, mining rig building, crypto miners, mining components, and many more. YouTube; Telegram; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Overclock Settings. RTX Mining Settings; RTX TI Mining Settings; RTX Mining Settings; RTX TI Mining Settings;.