world sports betting results for preakness
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World sports betting results for preakness

But I don't think he would be here if he didn't come out of the race well. Feels like a race with a little bit of vindication for the best 3-year-old in the game. He can go to the front if he wants it, or just sit off Early Voting or Armagnac if he wants a target to run at.

And being drawn outside helps that strategy. He'll be a key in every spot in my trifecta, weighted more heavily to the win and place spots. And if we press it a bunch of times and get something other than the second or third choice in the other exacta spot, it should be a nice payoff. Skippylongstocking Trainer: Saffie Joseph Jr. Jockey: Junior Alvarado Will be curious to see what tactics the connections take here. He was no match for Mo Donegal or Early Voting in the Wood, so not sure he's a serious exacta threat here, but he's not without exacta hope if there's a bit more of a pace duel than expected.

He'll be limited to being part of the underneath portions of my trifectas and that's it. Epicenter certainly feels like the horse to beat at the Preakness. It wasn't her day. It looked like she pulled up fine. At the half-mile pole, she made her move, but when we came to the top of the stretch, the winner just kept going.

It was a tough race. He ended up running decent. He wasn't a disgrace. We will see how he comes out of this race. We may go to the Belmont, you never know. We'll see how he comes out and make a decision in about a week or so. We were hanging wide in the first turn. I tried to make it up in the second turn but hit a lot of traffic and it was too much to do for him.

I'll send him to the farm for a rest right now. He has never bled. It was the first time. Give credit to the winner. It just wasn't our day, but he tried hard. He gave us a good scream. It looked like he got tired. My horse broke good, had an early, easy lead and relaxed. At about the half-mile pole, they started putting pressure on us and ran us down. There are some nice horses here, but he is a really nice horse and will keep improving.

We will regroup. I am proud of this guy. We will give Happy Jack plenty of time and regroup. I thought he had a great trip. Tyler broke well and had him in a great stalking spot and when the real running came, he was a little bit flat. From my angle, I just have to back off him a little bit and refresh him and we'll be in good shape. Those two were the logical two choices. We're extremely proud of our horse. We were traveling well, went into a drive and I couldn't keep up.

We will live to fight another day. We'll just have to regroup. He looks sound. He just kind of flattened out. He kind of got beat up right as they broke. He was bounced around and got out-footed early. Down the backside he was just covered up, eating dirt and kind of flattened out on us. Hopefully we can get a little better trip next time.

We have owner Seth Klarman and trainer Chad Brown with us. Jose Ortiz will be joining us as well. I'm going to start with you, Mr. Klarman here, if that's okay. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Must be quite the birthday gift to be back here with yet another Preakness winner. Thank you. It's one of the highlights of a career owning race horses. Really extraordinary feeling. I'm not sure.

But he looked like he was coasting, and then the seventh horse just went, and Jose followed Chad's instruction, which was take the lead if they'll give it to you, but if somebody really wants it, let them go. Chad thought that might work out even better. We won't know, but it worked out really well. We'll go to you, Chad. Of course, the strategy part was in a way already preconceived.

I remember speaking to you beforehand asking were you going to go for the lead, and you were saying perhaps not. When you were watching it, were you, of course, happy with the way it was unfolding throughout? We were prepared to go to the lead. Especially the way the track was playing all day. It would have been foolish not to plan on going to the lead, and certainly not take anything away from the horse, but in working with this horse, and Jose has been instrumental as well along with my staff, particularly my New York-based staff in the winter, this horse was there.

They did a terrific job, I want to point out. When we've been working the horse, we give him a target, and he rates nice, and he fasts them and finishes them off well. I was convinced in the Wood that he was waiting on horses is why he got beat. He got beat by a good horse, don't get me wrong, with a good trip, but when you are doing this long enough, you can tell a tired horse from a horse that's waiting on horses.

And I can see it in his work sometimes as well. So I relayed to Seth several times, hey, this horse doesn't need the lead. I'm not brave enough to take him back in a paceless race, but if there's a target, he is going to be better. Down the back side, we looked at each other, and he said, well, you got your wish.

We'll see how he runs. It unfolded perfect. That is so effective. It's not like a horse that we gave time to out of the Wood that also had three starts at Truro, it's their sixth or seventh start. This a lightly raced horse. In both cases that was only the horse's third start. When you start participating in the Kentucky Derby enough now, you realize what a tough race it is with 20 horses. As the trainer, you have to deal with the aftermath when it doesn't work out.

Sometimes it's not pretty. Those horses need time physically or mentally, and it can really cost a good part of your 3-year-old year if you swing and miss. You could ship all the way over there, draw terrible, the weather. You name it. So you better go over there with a horse, talking from a guy, I haven't won the race, but we've had a couple of close calls, and I'm a student of it. I feel like you have to have a horse with some experience, and you have to be prepared for a bad post or a bump here or there or a wet track or something.

This horse just didn't have the experience. He is out there on loose leads. He didn't have dirt in his face really. A nice horse, but to throw him in a horse field would not have worked out well for him, I don't believe. It really wasn't that hard of a decision.

There will be Wood Memorials that we'll run that we will run in the Derby, but it depends on the horse. I know it's a tick further. I don't believe he will have any trouble getting the mile and a quarter. Growing up just 20 minutes from Saratoga, Baltimore native, that was his race today, the Travers would be for me, so that would be really at the top of the list. But there will be some racing before that.

We'll get him back to Belmont, assess him, train him a bit, and then start to map out a campaign that hopefully leads us to the Midsummer Derby. You keep on sending me horses like this, we'll win the Travers, believe me. What is he like to train? He clearly seems to take it to it well and can go in any conditions? Again, I can't thank my staff enough, particularly the wintertime crew.

He stayed there in the winter, and why? Because he is that kind of make-up. He was lightly raced. I didn't want to interrupt his schedule. Sometimes you ship horses down to Florida that are just getting started, and then you have to adjust to ironically the humidity and heat and such when he is just getting going. The weather looked good, so I left him there. He is a big, handsome, burly -- I said the other day to somebody, he is like a bar fighter. He has a good mind on him, but he is going to step into you if you get in his face, this horse.

He has enough condition and enough strength and enough constitution about him to withstand the winter, the summer, different track conditions. You put him in company with a horse in a real stretch duel, like if he is on the right side of it today or on the wrong side of it in the Wood, he is going to fight all the way to the wire, and you can pick up on this with horses like him when they're young.

He is just a really cool horse to be around. I'm so proud of him. He really did all the work today, and I'm so proud of him. He came over here in his fourth start, and he stepped on to the turf course, and there's everything going on. There's bands. There's this and that. I didn't know how he was going to take it, and I'm so proud of the horse that he kept his composure, and he did exactly what we trained him to do. We are also joined here by winning rider Jose Ortiz. Jose, of course, watching you right after the wire visibly emotional, would you be able to put into words for us what that moment meant for you and what was going through your mind?

This race is a dream come true for any rider, you know? It's a Triple Crown race. Already won the Belmont, but I've never won the Preakness before. We were very close with Good Magic. I still feel he was the best horse in the race that day, but it was crazy conditions and fog, sloppy. And honestly, I didn't have the best trip.

The trip I wanted today, I had the trip I wanted. We planned it out, and we execute with perfection, and we came out top. Tell me about the start and the trip that you had. I thought he broke pretty sharply, but we did see you let someone else take the lead. He always has been. He broke well, and that was the main thing. Break good. Go forward. We knew that Armagnac had speed, and he never has passed a horse on his right, and we knew he was probably going to go into the lead, and he did.

But we were ready for it. We execute the plan perfectly, like I said before. Did you feel like you were sitting on a loaded gun basically? We had been working him just next to a horse, and he was very relaxed. I knew I was in a good spot. I took a peek back. Nobody there. I knew my horse was ready. Chad had him ready. He has been working with a very good horse. I think he is a player on the older division, and we've been working with him. Honestly, he has been working unbelievable.

Like I say, they deserve all the credit. They pass on the Derby. Not a lot of people would do it, and it paid off today. When they're both going to run on the same day in the Blue Grass and the Wood Memorial, I just chose. He is going to go ride Early Voting, and I made a change on Zandon. So I called him to tell him, and he never complained about it. He said, Boss, I'll go where you tell me to go. That's it.

He was happy to ride Early Voting. It's hard to be taken off Zandon when they're on the same day because we knew that horse was probably going to go win the Blue Grass and go to the Derby as one of the favorites. That's how he is. He said, I'll go where you tell me to go.

He didn't win the Wood, but it's our feeling that's his horse. He went there for us that day, and that's going to remain his horse. It was never even a thought after the horse got beat to make a change. He went up there and rode him for us, and he rode him brilliantly.

I want to point that out. Talk about being a team player. He doesn't give me any trouble with those conversations, and he is very nice to work with that way. With using jockeys in the morning really most of the time I would use jockeys out of the gate or on turf works. I have great exercise riders.

I'm so lucky. They do such a great job, and out of a luxury of not having to have the jockeys out there working too much outside of some gate works and again on turf I like to use them, but on this horse we called an audible, and I wanted him to come out a couple of times and work him, and it just -- it furthered the relationship really. Particularly, I would not want to speak out of turn because I'm not riding the horse, but when he had a target down the back side, the way he worked the other day when I gave him a target of a good horse in Miles D, he was third in the Travers, and he was able to just take him over in hand, and the horse was much more focused, we both felt, after the work.

I think it really paid off, and those are the little things in practice that you do. Of course, Jose Ortiz's opinion, when it comes to riding Early Voting and being associated with him from the get-go, do you believe that helped you, and what has that been like? I work him out of the gate when he was a baby even before he run, and Chad has been high on him.

I like him a lot the day I worked him. I rode him first time out. I rode the second time out in the Withers, and then I was able to work him at the Wood -- or for the Wither, maybe, I worked him. And then for the Wood I just flew in. For this race I was able to work him twice, and I was very confident. I was very high. I had to jump off Simplification, who ran a huge race, but I felt like I'm going to jump off a good horse to ride the horse that is going to win the Preakness.

And I think going forward, this horse I think it's going to be a better horse. It was a tough decision. It wasn't easy. The other horse is nice and run well. They gave me the opportunity to ride him in Florida, and I think we did well. We run a very good third on the Derby. Like I say, I wanted to ride the winner of the Preakness, and I felt like this horse was working lights-out, and I knew that I had a huge shot with this horse.

You know, he worked -- if he stays healthy, I knew he was going to be a player big-time on this race. So very happy. Before I open the floor -- before I open this up to questions here from the floor, Mr. Klarman, tell me about the journey with this horse and what it's been like for you with him being put through his paces and going with him and now landing here in the press conference afterwards winning the Preakness.

Chad was pretty excited about him all along, but, of course, you have to prove it on the track, and we were really excited. He initially after his first race or two wasn't fast enough to compete with the best 3-year-olds, but every race he got better. We were pretty excited that he would continue to develop, and that's part of why we wanted to make sure he had enough time to continue to develop.

We're just so proud much him and, of course, this team. Klarman, can you speak to your experience having Chad as your trainer and what sets him apart? Obviously, you guys have been very successful. Chad's extremely hungry, and he works all the time. He never stops thinking about this. Attention to detail.

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Multiple timeframe analysis forex gbp Not only both of them running the Wood, but they didn't even go to Florida. I was disappointed. We'll see how he runs. Sometimes you ship horses down to Florida that are just getting started, and then you have to adjust to ironically the humidity and heat and such when he is just getting going. We are also joined here by winning rider Jose Ortiz.

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He soundly defeated Kentucky Derby winner and heavy favorite Foolish Pleaseure. It was one of the biggest upsets in Preakness history. As a 4 year old he won 3 races and placed second in the Metropolitan Handicap. Instead he won the Keystone Stakes at Keystone Racetrack. Then the Federico Tesio stakes at Pimlico. He must have loved Pimlico Race Course. Returning to run the Preakness, Deputed Testamony was nearly ignored at 15 to 1 odds. But his race performance proved otherwise.

His luck ran out the Belmont Stakes finishing sixth to Caveat. He found the magic once again as a 4 year old at Pimlico. Deputed Testamony cruised to a win in the Baltimore Handicap. The Deputed Testamony stakes was named in his honor. A commanding 7 length victory convinced Carroll to enter the Preakness. Jockey Eldon Nelson would ride him. Track conditions were sloppy at the Preakness Stakes. It had rained the night before. He surged ahead early and never looked back, holding off a late charge from No Le Hace.

His Preakness loss was particularly agonizing when he won the Belmont Stakes weeks later. He won again and was subsequently retired to stud in Initially his racing prowess went all but unnoticed. He won his first start with a strong finish at Gulfstream Park in February But the April Grade 1 Florida Derby changed minds.

He had little to prove as a 60 to 1 longshot. Yet he led from the backstretch to the final turn at a blistering pace. Little Vic, a shot, applied pressure immediately, and the two went head and head down the backstretch. The fractions were quick — Not so. Pretty successful over the past 30 years or so, too, primarily in southern California. Every once in a while, though, Richard Mandella has a 3-year-old that rounds into form on the road to the Kentucky Derby G1.

In , Omaha Beach may have been his best, winning the Rebel Stakes G2 , the Arkansas Derby G1 , and becoming the darling of Derby week as well as the morning-line favorite.

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PGA Champions SAS Champs D3. NASCAR South Point NASCAR South Point Serie A 22/ Verona vs AC Milan. UCI Missing: preakness. 5/27/ · Types of Preakness Stakes Odds. Favorites have historically won about half of all Preakness Stakes, making them tougher to bet against than in the other two Triple Crown . World Sports Betting - World Lotto Results. Lotto Results - Last /10/ Bonus. RUSSIA 4/20 F1- DRAW bonus1xbetcasino.websiteg: preakness.