maxspect ethereal vs razor or radion
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Maxspect ethereal vs razor or radion money management forex e-books pdf

Maxspect ethereal vs razor or radion

Well known for appealing shimmer. However, not sure if wifi app has been improved - was a source of frustration initially and for some time after. I have not used this light, but have seen it in person over multiple aquariums owned by acquaintances and retailers. Brand new light, but an upgrade on the previous generation full disclosure, I use three of the first gen, and love them.

Also comes with mounting legs. Shimmer would be mild, but better than ReefBreeders not as good as the Kessil. The Ethereal features 5 channels for lighting control. Basic, manual adjustments can be done via the control knob on the fixture, but an ICV6 Controller that connects to your home wiFi network is required for advanced control and automated programming. This ICV6 controller is sold separately but one controller can oversee up to Ethereal lights and will also be capable of controlling future MaxSpect products.

The controllers are also easily accessed via your Android or iOS device such as a cellphone or tablet. The beefy mounting bracket is ultra-versatile and can be used on rimless aquariums, euro-braced aquariums, or standard rimmed aquariums. The bracket allows you to adjust the height of the fixture as well as its reach. Maxspect also offers an optional hanging kit for those of you who prefer to suspend the fixture instead of attaching it to the edge of your tank.

It looks great, offers excellent light output, and has all of the fancy control options we expect out of high-end aquarium LED light. I am personally excited to see how these new lights perform on our SR aquarium and am even more amped to see how all of the corals will respond in the long run.

Be sure to check our social media accounts for future updates on the tank and see for yourself just how awesome these new lights are.

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I called EcoTech and by 9 AM the next morning a replacement arrived at my front door. The Radion Pro is an extremely strong light. For a standard mixed reef you could save your money and buy a Maxspect Fixture. Actually I kind of like the Mazzara P Series. If you want a good LED Fixture that is priced reasonably and can maintain a mixed reef, there are several to choose from.

AI and Maxspect are just two of the several decent brands. It all boils down to your preference, your available funds and what type of corals will be in your tank. It's just like a fish only tank. I love nanobox, but for this size tank you would probably need a quad which is a lot more expensive than kessil. I am not familiar with them. I went from a kessil system to a halide system and much prefer the halide in growth rate obv based on the bulb I am using but in all honesty some while I experienced growth with my kessil I experience a lot more growth from the halide.

T5's or halide would be a very cost effective way to light a smaller tank imo. BTW a w halide de or mogul would cover that span ez. Its going to be the centre piece in our condo.. I am looking for something sleek and safe for a condo.

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Razor vs maxspect radion ethereal or life as a forex trader

Maxspect Ethereal Reef aquarium Update April 2019

May 25,  · Im hoping that ya'll can help me make my decision a little easier. i am about to setup a 34g mixed reef and am down to my last piece of equipment to buy. lighting. i am . Nov 24,  · 1) Kessil AWE (two at ~$) 2) Ecotech Radion XR30W G3 or G3 Pro (two at ~$$) 3) Maxspect Razor RR 44" W (one at ~$) 4) Ecoxotic . Jun 20,  · Currently running a maxspect razor w over my 37 gallon mixed reef setup. I'm only 2 months in, but am fixing to upgrade to a 65 gallon and move everything in my 37 over. .