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Kyc providers crypto

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KYC requirements do not apply to decentralized exchanges DEXs , meaning those that organize trades through smart contracts instead of a central trading desk are not required to disclose their identities. The institutions that create DEX dodge the regulations because they are not financial intermediaries or counterparties.

Their users trade directly with one another by leveraging the infrastructure provided by the DEX. The changes requiring customers to reveal their identities began in shortly before The Wall Street Journal alleged the exchange had been widely used to launder money — which the company denied. Crypto firms go overseas for lax KYC rules Some crypto exchanges avoid KYC requirements by domiciling in softer regulatory environments.

Blockchain analysis firm CipherTrace has reported that as many as half of the exchanges registered in Seychelles have poor KYC measures in place. Media attention and U. Why does crypto need KYC? A report by the Ransomware Task Force , an international grouping of public and private experts, described the crypto sector as enabling this kind of attack and proposed stronger enforcement of existing KYC laws, among other measures.

Stronger compliance, via more robust identification procedures, could help crypto shed its perceived association with money laundering and other criminal enterprises. This, in turn, could encourage wider adoption and investment. ID verification startup Passbase offers apps a tool through which their users can upload a selfie along with their ID for speedy verification. Identification startup Burrata , which has also recently raised seed funding, issues "digital identity tokens" to attach to cryptocurrency wallets.

These kinds of tools could ease many crypto firms into compliance, but they will not resolve the ideological opposition to ID checks found in some corners of the crypto world. Further reading from CoinDesk on security. What is KYC? In short, it means doing due diligence on customers when onboarding, including identity and background checks.

Bad actors try to evade this process throughout the stages of money laundering. In this article, we will take a look at what your KYC for crypto should look like. What Do Regulatory Bodies Say? Risk-Based Approach to Crypto Verifying a customer through the risk-based approach means taking a look at individual customers to asses customer risk.

This risk-based KYC process would be as follows: For KYC compliance it is vital to complete the following process for the onboarding of new customers to understand their risk level and identify and report any suspicious transactions or activities: Gather personable identifiable information of new customer i.

Given that these transactions are conducted digitally, it allows users to perform many transactions in a short period of time — all the while remaining anonymous.