rping an ethereal world of warcraft
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Rping an ethereal world of warcraft btc left in mtgox wallet

Rping an ethereal world of warcraft

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January 16, , pm 14 Um… Mr. Raises hand. I am quite despicable both in and out of character. Is there like a fine or something I can just mail in? January 16, , pm 15 I have been trying to play as a Vulpera since their announcement almost. January 17, , am 17 Some people who are strictly bound by the limitations of in-game mechanics are, unfortunately, unimaginative and will discredit anyone who attempts to deviate from the rigid structure of what is available to players in-game.

Those people are normally not worth RPing with in the first place. Just be careful about walk-up RP. Not only Arcane magic- but Void as well. Transmogrification — Yes, this is actually a thing, not just a game mechanic! They serve as enormous greenhouses and are both arcane and technological in nature.

A quest text in the Legion mage artifact quest also referred to it as a portal. Hologram Communicators — [This model] is consistently used as a long-distance communicator by Nexus Princes to keep them safe. It projects a hologram from a remote location.

Curiously it also seems to be used in the transmog shops. Prisons — These [pink bubbles] are stated to be stasis chambers or prisons. Void Gathering Devices — There are a few models that appear to be sucking a purple energy in from the space around them, similar to the roofs of the blood elf manaforges.

Anatomy There are currently three known kinds of Ethereal. Arcane Ethereals, which are the original and most common kind- comprised of their soul fused with arcane energy. Void ethereals, which have become infused with the Void and hear whispers similar to the way the Void Elves do- and Nexus Stalkers, who appear to be Void Ethereals who have become almost entirely Void energy.

Ultimately, it was this very change that allowed them to battle Dimensius on an even-footing and travel through the Twisting Nether to find refuge. Knowing that Ethereals had to bind their souls with enchanted wrappings to give them enough shape to survive, we can infer from this that they can survive a small time outside of their wrappings before they dissipate and die out.

When not covered in their magical wrappings, they are described as beings of pure energy; a mass of irregular power. While this is clearly a very simplified version of whatever happens, we can assume to kill an ethereal you break the wrappings and wait for them to fade away. Whether Ethereals eat and drink is up to speculation. Drinks and foods that supply them with magical energy to absorb could be possible- or they could just not eat at all.

This is up to you. Roleplaying Tips The Ethereals spent a great deal of time in the Twisting Nether, the plane between worlds. There were a thousand ways to perceive this place. Every voyager saw it differently, depending on circumstance and form and state of mind. For him it was a black, airless void in which a billion stars twinkled.

Behind and beneath him blazed the world from which he had come. Through the void trailed the snake of energy he had summoned, guiding him outward into infinity. This can be interpreted any way you like. On the whole, Ethereals seem to be characterised in-game as detached, surreal and dripping with feigned politeness.

Their morality around trading animals seems very unhinged. Ethereal names seem to be Arabic-inspired, with vowels changed around- Similar to the Draenei, they do not have last names. However most seem to have a title that seems of importance in day-to-day life, like Nexus Prince of Locus Walker.

Notes: The Void Ethereal [Shadreen the Watcher] is seen spawning at the end of Trial of Style sometimes, conducting shady business with the show hosts. Shadreen says: Have you gathered the information I require? Nastasia Flairwatcher says: Yes, here are the results.

Shadreen says: …you have done well. My master shall be pleased to see this.