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Covers betting odds

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How does point spread betting work? Alright, so you're into wagering, and you're already familiar with moneyline betting. Sports bettors in the United States prefer to wager on the point spread. But how does it work? Let's start with a simple definition of the point spread. The spread is a median number, calculated by the bookmaker, which has as its objective the equal division of money wagered on both the underdog and the favorite. Point spread betting is most popular in football and basketball since there are lots of points scored in those games.

It's also possible to make spread wagers in hockey and baseball, as well, but in a different form we'll dive into that later. For now, we'll zoom into the way the number works -- how to read the point spread betting lines. How to read the point spread numbers To display how the point spread works, we'll use an NFL match between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.

One carries a plus sign, while the other a minus sign alongside the spread number. The favored team is the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the underdog. The number represents the amount of points to be applied to the final score to determine the point spread winner. For the Cowboys, they need to win by more than 3. The Eagles, on the other hand, need to either win the game outright, or lose by less than 3. Here, the Cowboys could earn a narrow win by just two points, and fail to cover the 3.

Understanding the payout in spread betting You're in this to make money, so we'll show you just how to calculate the amount of money you can win. You must understand that the betting odds for point spreads are generally close to Now, let's take the previous example and add the betting odds: Dallas Cowboys Thus, the lower your odds, the less risk you have to take with your bet to secure a nice payout. Most sportsbooks will set the betting odds for a point spread wager around , but they have the latitude to adjust the odds, as needed, to balance the betting action.

It goes without saying that some sportsbooks have better odds for their players than others. BetAnySports , for example, is our 1-rated sportsbook, primarily because it has reduced juice. Unlike most other sportsbooks that have standard odds, BetAnySports offers its players juice on football and basketball games, which is a major benefit.

Point spreads incorporate a half-point system. This has a dual function. Most importantly, it allows a bookmaker to more easily balance its books on a particular game. And a secondary function is that it eliminates any chance of the game resulting in a tie, and thus the bet 'pushing. And even though football and basketball are prevalent in the States, it's not that way throughout the world. Indeed, there are millions of fanatic soccer fans who eagerly watch the English Premier League.

And sports like hockey and baseball are also very popular. With these sports, bookmakers also offer spread betting, but it works in a slightly different way than with football and basketball. The reason for this is the fact that there is a lot less scoring in soccer, hockey and baseball than in a regular football or basketball game.

So, the spread tends to be fixed -- usually at 1. And if the action on the game is unbalanced, the oddsmaker will adjust the associated moneyline odds, rather than the spread. Also, bookies use different terms in soccer, hockey and baseball. In those sports, the spread is referred to as a goal-line, puck-line or run-line, rather than point spread.

But they work in the same way, with spreads generally fixed at 1. How to win at spread betting The sports betting industry is no different than other industries. When trying to determine which sportsbooks to join, we want to share some tips: Pick the right sportsbook In spread betting, there's a lot of movement in the betting lines.

You have the opening numbers when a game is first listed for wagering. And the closing numbers at game time. These two teams will meet in two weeks in the Super Bowl, and now that everyone knows what the matchup is, the sportsbooks get to work creating the line and the spread. The Seahawks were this year—far better than the Broncos, who were , and had to win a triple-overtime game to reach the Super Bowl. In this case, the point spread is 13 points.

If a bettor placed a bet on the Seahawks to cover the spread, Seattle would need to win by 14 or more points. If a bettor instead bets on the Broncos, the Broncos would need to either win the game or lose by less than 13 points. Say the game is played, and Seattle wins by 21 points. In that case, the Seahawks covered the spread, and a bettor betting on the favorite would have won their bet, while someone betting on the Broncos would have lost.

In that case, all money wagered is returned to the bettors. Betting the Spread vs. Betting the Moneyline and the Total There is a multitude of ways to place a wager on a given sports matchup, and betting the point spread is one of the most common and popular. For example, a bettor makes a wager that the Broncos, not the Seahawks, will win the Super Bowl.

If the Broncos win, then the bettor wins the wager, but if the Broncos lose, then the bettor loses the wager. The payouts for moneyline bets can be minimal, especially if the bettor wagers that the favorite will win. This is a bet on the total amount of points that both teams will score in a game, combined.

In , the U. Supreme Court gave states permission to legalize sports betting if they wish to do so. It is still fully illegal in 14 states, including Missouri and Texas. In California, two gambling propositions are on the November ballot. The Bottom Line In sports betting, to cover the spread means that a team has beaten the point spread devised by a sportsbook.

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