soccer betting forums
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Soccer betting forums vsa forex mt4 broker

Soccer betting forums

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Punters Lounge is one of the oldest sports forums across the web. It started in early and at that time it was originally meant for just soccer. Once in a while they provide free football betting tips like these: And just like any good forum, it consists of members that share what they might bet on. Here are a few points that we should note about this forum: No popup ads interruption Community is friendly and follows rules strictly An app is available for IOS as well as Android Site loads quickly 2.

Covers Covers has been around for the last 25 years. The reason behind such a success is news. They have been consistently updating their website with news and that helped them seek all eyes. Now that a lot of people visit this website, they also engage in forums. In this forum section, you will see people posting daily threads where they do nothing but talk about cool stuff. Just like Punters Lounge, this forum also gives away free picks. From accumulator bets to straight up bets, people share their miseries as well as winnings all the time.

Being just a subreddit, this community is way more active than Covers or Punters Lounge. But yes, you need good karma to post something here. Not only soccer, you might come across posts of sports like volleyball, tennis, as well basketball. Pregame RJ Bell is the guy behind Pregame. These individuals, especially the ones that offer their services for free on social media platforms like Twitter, are often tied up to or are in an affiliate partnership with particular betting services.

Several media platforms reported that these betting tipsters deliberately put out false information, and recommend losing bets to their users. They're setting you up to lose, as they profit from it. They'll send you to their betting partner with misinformation, and when you lose, a large chunk of your stake will end up in their wallets. It is highly unfortunate, but the betting industry is largely motivated by monetary gain.

So if everyone is in it purely for themselves just to make a few extra bucks, then where can you find some decent information to help with your soccer betting? From other soccer fans, of course. News And Forums Every bettor has its way of selecting their bids. Unlike the people running a sports bookies, or tipster, the individuals who develop or post on soccer betting forums are motivated by only one thing - a pure, undying passion for the game.

They don't do it for the money, they do it only because they want it. Soccer betting forums are a good resource center where people share their opinions on a team's current and past performance. This means, unlike a soccer betting blog , you can question the information gained at face value. You're an active member, and you will have to opportunity to offer your two cents and participate in discussions as well. Since multiple people can view as well as post in the betting forum, you'll have access to a multitude of information and opinions.

Remember, most of these fans are spending their cash and taking their time to go and watch the games. Their actions show the seriousness they put in what they do, and their opinions should be something every wager needs to take seriously.