places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand
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Places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand how to get cryptocurrency on robinhood

Places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand

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From the neoclassical building's entrance steps there is an excellent view of the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island. Lonely Planet: Auckland's 8 best museums for art, culture and history Home to an immersive collection of fascinating local and natural history, the museum also hosts some truly amazing exhibitions, from deep sea monsters to dinosaurs.

The bottom floor is devoted to Maori and Pacific culture, and our kids love going inside the whare carved meeting house to admire the beautiful Maori carvings. The museum houses a variety of exhibitions; including a large selection of Maori and Pacific Island artifacts, as well as social and military history, decorative arts and pictorial collections.

If you are going to pick just one Museum to visit while on holiday in New Zealand then this is the one! As its name suggests, the museum was originally built as a tribute to all the local citizens whose lives were lost during the First World War. It has since been refurbished and transformed into a home for Maori and Pacific artifacts, historic exhibitions and an extensive archival collection.

Do not miss the Secret museum tucked away in the basement of the museum where many of the country's treasures are stored. You can go and rest at the Kai Room, a family-friendly space having restrooms and cafes. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a museum exploring natural history, military history and historical events in both the Auckland region and New Zealand. Located in the Auckland Domain public park, the museum is only a short distance from the Auckland central business district.

Museum collections fall within 3 distinct categories, documentary heritage, natural sciences and human history. The distance between Auckland and Paihia is about miles or km depending on what part of Auckland City you start from. In reality, the travel time between Paihia and Auckland can be nearly twice that long once you factor in slow and winding roads and all the stops you'll want to make along the way.

We left Devonport, North of Auckland, at and got to Paihia at 5 pm. Auckland to Paihia: Coffee in Warkworth The town of Warkworth is located about an hour north of Devonport and was a good place to stop and stretch our legs on our Auckland to Bay of Islands road trip.

We took a walk along the Mahurangi River watching ducks revel in the small rapids. We noticed some thin metal artwork hanging among the trees. We stopped at the Riverview Cafe for a relaxing coffee on the terrace before hopping back into the car and continuing our journey toward the Bay of Islands. We climbed up above the beach on the quiet Goldschmidt Track and had a small picnic while looking down on the idyllic scene below. We descended from the trail to the beach for a short walk among the rocks.

My favorite part was watching the seagulls wait patiently near a fisherman, hoping for some scraps from the catch. Paihia Town in the Bay of Islands Even with just two short stops, it was early evening by the time we completed our drive from Auckland to Paihia. The permanent population of Paihia town is less than people but the place hums with visiting tourists.

We walked along the waterfront of this Bay of Islands town which features a giant swordfish. Checking out over-sized roadside attractions is one of my favorite things to do in New Zealand. We also discovered a well-worn but colorful piano just inviting Paihia visitors to strike up a tune.

We talked to one of the boat operators nearby about possibly booking a tour to see dolphins and whales in the Bay of Islands. We were torn because the weather forecast was iffy and rough seas were a possibility. In the end, over a steak sandwich and salt and pepper squid washed down with Doris Plum Cider from Good George and an apple cider from Moa, we decided against taking a boat to the Hole in the Rock. It turns out that was a good decision as you'll discover below. Apparently Russell was quite a raucous place back-in-the-day with plenty of sailors, drinking, and houses of ill-repute.

What are the things to do in Russell today? A better question would be: what are the best things to do in Paihia when it's raining? The answer is: skip the boat tour to the Hole in the Rock and walk and eat your way through Russell while dancing between the raindrops. We booked a round trip ticket with the Happy Ferry and spent a pleasant albeit wet morning exploring Russell. You'll find quaint wooden structures painted white and flowers glistening with raindrops as you walk around the town.

Lunch at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel is an ideal thing to do in Russell in the rain. Sit on the covered terrace overlooking the Bay of Islands. We enjoyed an orange and quinoa salad and chicken washed down with Brotherhood Crushed Pineapple Cider very refreshing.