bets for super bowl
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Bets for super bowl

Easy wins over the Titans and Steelers sandwich fantastic wins over the Ravens and Chiefs, as well as a grueling loss in South Beach to the Dolphins. Philly's feeling great as it exits its bye week. For as flat as that loss to Indy was, Kansas City's Week 4 win was entirely impressive. Mahomes diced up a great Bucs defense in a relentless showing, with KC winning The former MVP continued his prime-time heroics in Week 5, combining with Travis Kelce to come back against the Raiders in epic fashion.

As is the Chiefs' wont, they bounced back with a fury in Week 7 against the Niners. So, congratulations to the Minnesota Vikings for cracking the Top 5 amid a seemingly impossible start. The Kirk Cousins-ing could be right around the corner, with Minnesota exiting its bye week, but times are good for the Norsemen, for now. He now joins a 49ers roster that has one of the league's most punishing rushing attacks with Jeff Wilson Jr. The Houston Texans have the worst odds to win Super Bowl The 49ers have the fifth-best odds to win the Super Bowl after the trade, jumping over the Vikings for the third-best odds among NFC teams.

The Eagles and Raiders have also seen their odds shorten ahead of kickoff. No movement was seen from the Cardinals trading for Marquise Brown from the Ravens. Miami remains long shots in spite of having incredible speed at the wide receiver position. Cleveland is now a top ten Super Bowl contender based on the betting odds at the moment. New Orleans and Atlanta, the two teams believed to be the preferred destinations for Watson, see their odds fade dramatically as they miss out on a new QB.

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There is no way you can predict those things unless you have inside information about the Gatorade. If you want to bet on them, just go with your gut and see how your luck fares. We mentioned this when discussing the passing and receiving yards markets, where we suggested that you look at the average stats of a player over the season as a whole and also over the last few games leading up to the Super Bowl.

There is no guarantee that a player or team will replicate its average performance, let alone its best. Yet there is a far greater chance of that happening than the player or team breaking into brand new territory in the biggest game of the year. It is easy to be dazzled by the large odds, but we would advise against being greedy. The bigger the odds, the less likely your prop bets are to win. If you want to maximize your chances of landing a winning prop bet, focus on outcomes that are being offered at more modest lines.

Then, if your main bets win, you'll still have plenty to celebrate even if your props let you down. The Super Bowl typically takes four hours: around three and a half hours for the game and a minute halftime show. Vegas Super Bowl Prop Bets Although in this guide we have focused on placing bets online, we should also mention that many people like to make the Super Bowl an even bigger event by heading to Las Vegas and wagering in the gambling capital of the world. There are plenty of Vegas Super Bowl prop bets that in-person bettors can make, including all of the ones that we have discussed previously.

Making props in Sin City is no more difficult than betting online, except for the fact that you obviously need to get to a sportsbook there. What is different is that you'll be able to enjoy the Big Game in the unique atmosphere of that dreamy location, which can make the celebrations particularly special if your Super Bowl prop bets win! The entertainment they provide, combined with the opportunity to take some money off the sportsbooks, brings so much to the table.

The keys are still here on this page so you are more than welcome to return anytime you need to. Check out our Super Bowl Predictions page and get ready to earn some cash. There are thousands of props you can explore so read this guide of ours and take advantage of the knowledge gained. Where to bet Super Bowl prop bets? Can you parlay Super Bowl prop bets? As for why I like the under, I suppose I could just say I don't think this game will be high-scoring, but that wouldn't be as fun.

Instead, I'll point out that the total for the Super Bowl has slowly been creeping up the last few years, and it's led to three straight unders. The total closed at The total was The final score was While Super Bowls 51 and 52 were high-scoring affairs, they are the exception more than the rule for the Super Bowl.

While you need a strong offense to win a Super Bowl in the NFL these days, the teams with potent offenses and good defenses reach the game, and those defenses are too often overlooked. The Rams have a great defense. The Bengals have a better defense than most realize. Both will make life a lot more difficult for the other and keep this one from getting crazy.

Unless we reach overtime, I don't see this going over. So if we lose this bet, at least we get overtime in the freaking Super Bowl. Key Trend: The under has hit in three straight and four of the last six Super Bowls.

Here's what SportsLine is saying about the game: You can't go into the weekend without all of my picks or without knowing what SportsLine's Projection Model has to say. The underdog, and considering we don't expect this game to be high-scoring, the underdog makes even more sense.

The biggest concern for Cincinnati in this matchup is its offensive line against the Rams defensive front. Including the postseason, the Bengals have allowed a sack on 8. That's the 31st worst rate in the league, ahead of only Chicago 9. That's not great when you're facing a Rams defense that ranks 8th in the league in pressure rate Sure, it's not a healthy long-term plan for the franchise, but Burrow is willing to take a hit if it buys one of his receivers an extra half-second to get open.

Plus, we can't just pretend the Rams don't have their own problems. This season, Los Angeles has turned the ball over on The Bengals defense ranks 10th in turnover rate defensively, forcing them on These are more reasons why I like the under, but a lower-scoring affair makes it unlikely either team can pull away from the other, making Cincinnati and those four points attractive.

Key Trend: The last six Super Bowl underdogs of four points or more covered. The Pick: Joe Mixon Under Against San Francisco in the NFC Championship, they did a phenomenal job eliminating the 49ers rushing attack, which derailed everything the Niners wanted to do.

They'll look to do the same against Cincinnati, and Joe Mixon has only rushed for 60 yards or more in two of Cincinnati's last eight games. Key Trend: Joe Mixon has averaged The Pick: Joe Burrow Over If the Rams take away the run game, that will force Cincinnati to throw more, and we've already seen that happen naturally with the Bengals.

I just told you about Joe Mixon rushing for over 60 yards in only two of Cincinnati's last eight games, and Joe Burrow has attempted an average of Take out the Denver game in which Burrow threw only 22 passes, and that average jumps to The Bengals have been passing more often over the latter portion of the season than they were earlier, so let's take advantage. Key Trend: Joe Burrow is averaging Plus, there's some decent value on this prop if you look at the numbers.

Including the playoffs, the Bengals have allowed 23 passing touchdowns in the red zone this season, or one per game. No player in the league has caught more red-zone TDs than Kupp 16 or been targeted as often in the red zone It's a shot that could pay off nicely. However, Caesars is offering even odds on both sides this year! Sure, that means there's no value on either side of this bet, but that's not the point.