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Transformers energon 1 the return of demolisher betting

Today is the day the Decepticons destroy the Autobots! Optimus: You're wrong again, Megatron, and we're going to prove it! Smokescreen:: And today you'll feel the power of the Autobot team! Hot Shot: Let's do this! Megatron: Keep talking, you underdogs. Victory will be mine today.

Scavenger:: yawns hugely "I don't like showing off, but I think you'll agree that that high-flying wacko needed to be grounded permanently. It never does any good. Gimmie a break. No hot showers, no electricity, and besides I heard it's going to rain all weekend. Run for your lives! Alexis is on the loose!

Megatron will love me for this! I still have some work to do on this bad boy. Sparklplug: Lock onto shield. Vow [1. I really don't like sitting on the sidelines like this. After all, I am a man of action, you know. Rad:No, wait, Fred's right! Because there's no point in continuing unless there is.

This war is over ten million years old. In fact I've been a warrior ever since my spark left the Iacon chamber, and I was merged into the army of Megatron. The only difference between me and an Autobot is the way we do battle, and the code of the Decepticons.

I guess I'm starting to get a little But you shouldn't be. We are soldiers sworn to obey Megatron; capture the Mini-Cons and return to Cybertron triumphant. Demolishor: What is going on with everyone here? Ever since we lost that battle, everyone's gone loopy. But Cyclonus is starting to look like the only sane one. Megaton:This time, it's a fight to the finish, and I won't accept any of your lame excuses. Do you understand me, you worthless grunt? I hope to realize what is at stake here. The Star Saber and supreme command of the Decepticons go to the winner.

Why, you could rule the universe if you were victorious. There is no greater prize, and this is your one chance to attain it, so don't blow it, dolt. But just remember this, Starscream, I won't show you mercy. You will be an example to my men, to prevent any further insubordination.

A true leader would never leave a fight half-fought. I see weakness and one day, it will come back to haunt you. And it will be your ruin. Chase [1. My blood sugar is getting dangerously low, Billy! Tactician [1. Why couldn't I have just been a normal 'bot working in a factory? Megatron: I'm quite sure your plans are impeccable, Thrust, but my main concern is that my men aren't capable of following them.

Linkup[ edit ] Demolishor:I am Demolishor, the fierce Decepticon warrior! Hot ShotLIn your dreams! If you want it, why don't you come and get it? That is, unless you're a little bit of a wimp. Well, are ya? Optiumus Prime: They don't call him Starscream for nothing. Detection[ edit ] Demolishor: I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. I'd love to crush that arrogant mainframe into a pile of titanium shavings!

You see, I can change my appearance any time I please, and I can fight at any power level, so you'll never destroy me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How about conehead there? Carlos:Hey, Fred, are you sure you didn't land on your head? Desperate[ edit ] Megatron: Ha ha ha! The power is mine! Boy, that is one disturbed Decepticon. Runaway[ edit ] Thrust: Look! Your guardian star is very bright tonight, sir.

I believe it might actually swallow up every other star around it! This must surely be a sign you'll crush the Autobots, conquer the universe and lead the Decepticons back to planet Cybertron! That's news to me! I especially enjoyed your spaghetti and meatballs; the sauce was a haunting blend of herbs and spices—and the things you can do with a pot roast are truly inspirational.

Yours truly, your son, Fred. Past, Part 1[ edit ] Carlos: Enthusiasm will get you nowhere, buddy, take a chill pill! Wheeljack: Prepare yourself, Hot Shot. You're about to get a little surprise from your past. You may have forgotten what you did to me but I will never forget. Thrust: I wonder what's clogging up his tailpipe. Boy, those Autobots sure are a moody bunch.

Demolishor: I'm not talking to you, Eraserhead, I'm talking to Megatron. So butt out, will ya? Sideways: "There shall never be peace in this universe, there must always be war. Slade: "But Wade: "You're not gonna believe this, Bro, but you're the only Dark Spector around here. I guess all your buddies decided to pack up and go home.

Mucasance: "Oh well, I suppose that means it's you against us. Slade: "I don't believe a word of this. You're just messing with my head. Aren't you? Megatron: Well, Starscream, you're still alive. I suppose congratulations are in order. Hot Shot: Yea, great, let's go kick some Decepti-butts. I'm trying to avenge my friend here! I won't be long! Alexis: This is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life.

Cyclonus: Megatron looks a little testy today, huh? Red Alert: "Hey, enough chit-chat ladies, we got a job to do. I wouldn't say that. I mean it's very It's just that I've never had anyone give me a present before. What about on your birthday? You never got nothing? Thank you Fred: "Guys! We just saw a cone-headed Decepticon!

C'mon, let's go get him! Starscream chased the creep away, already! Starscream is my hero. C'mon, let's not jump to any conclusions here. Starscream is on our side, don't you remember? And don't you forget, he's innocent unless he's proven guilty! Okay Starscream, help me out and explain what's up here, because if you don't I don't think it matters what I say, because you've already convicted me.

But thanks for trying, Hot Shot. I was programmed as a Decepticon and I don't apologize for that. I've tried my best to understand the way you and the others think, but I must admit it was a failed experiment. Jetfire: I hope you got a parachute because you're going down! You must choose You are a Decepticon, now act like one! Starscream symbolically leaves behind the chamois the children made for him. Starscream: thinking "I don't know if this is the right choice, but I have made my decision.

What is it? Goodbye kids. And thanks, I'll never forget you. I just had to hide it from the others so they wouldn't get suspicious. Besides, don't give up on Starscream just yet. There's no doubt he's a hardened Decepticon, but he's still a Transformer. He still could come around, and I'm hoping that all Transformers will make peace with each other someday. I can't let this happen—there are too many innocent people down there.

My friends are down there. But if I refuse, Megatron will surely cut me down. We're almost in position. I don't have much time. What should I do? Crisis[ edit ] Carlos:But Rad, we can't stand around and not say anything while the whole stinkin' planet blows up to smithereens. Hot Shot:Yo, Autobots! Saddle up! We're going back to Cybertron!

Depart[ edit ] Hot Shot: I think I'm going to leave it up to you to decide your own stations. And, uh, if any of you decide to join us and defeat the Decepticons once and for all, that's up to you. Oh, and if you decide to stay back here on Earth, that's okay, too. We're having a moment over here! Megatron: I'd never thought I'd say this, but it's good to have you back, Prime. Red Alert: I got kinda banged up and it looks like I sustained some collateral damage.

Nemesis Prime: Nemesis Prime will Uprising[ edit ] Thrust:This is where the battle begins and ends, gentlemen. Galvatron:Optimus Prime is marching right into the palm of my hand, where I will crush him. It's so nice of you to join us. At least now we'll be able to bury you on your home planet, Optimus Prime. Optimus:This war transcends far beyond us, Galvatron. A force is coming, and you and I alone cannot stop it. The Autobots and Decepticons have fought against one another But there is another enemy that we both must be concerned about.

The Mini-Cons have shown us that we all share a common foe: the one called Unicron. Galvatron to Thrust :I'm growing tired of listening to your drivel. Galvatron to Hot Shot : "You may go ahead and finish what you were saying. Now you won't be interrupted again. So just who is this Unicron?

Hot Shot: "He's the one who's responsible for creating the black hole. Somehow the Mini-Cons learned about the existence of Unicron, and began to prepare for an attack a long time ago. Thrust: Galvatron, you were never worthy of controlling the Transformers.

I've got news for you: You're nothing compared to my true master, Unicron! Fanservice : Mikaela. Rather unnecessary since the male demographic was already there to watch awesome giant robots. But you can bet money they were thankful anyway. Right from her introduction , Carly makes sure the viewers do not miss Mikaela too much.

It was obvious from the casting that she'll have this role: she's played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a Victoria's Secret model with no previous acting experience. A Nazi by Any Other Name : Decepticons' occupation of Chicago, complete with random slaughters of defenseless civilians, wanton destruction and turning the downtown in a super-sized concentration camp for human slaves seems This unfortunately got Megan Fox fired from production when, during a speech for winning an award, she compared Michael Bay to Hitler , and axed her character with her.

Amusingly, Bay wasn't offended by the comparison. However, producer Steven Spielberg was. The Fallen was that close to destroying our sun with the Harvester Not the Fall That Kills You : Sure Optimus and Bumblebee are able to deftly catch falling humans while in mid-transformation, but considering it's still soft flesh colliding with alien steel, it really shouldn't be survivable.

Obviously Evil : While in the G1 universe most of the characters looked like humanoid robots, the movie Autobots' have heroic or childlike faces and mostly pleasant looking appearance while all of the Decepticons have monstrous fangs and jagged bodies.

Most noticeably whenever ILM's CG predator drone is featured looking nothing like the real-life counterpart also used. And when Ironhide's ejected gun can be seen on his arm in a later scene during the desert battle. The page explains these in more detail.

The third movie also has one instance when Ironhide, Sideswipe and the Dreads face off without any weapons. In one shot, the Ironhide CG Model has his recently dropped guns on his back. Said guns disappear in all other shots afterwards. Off with His Head! Bonecrusher in the first film. There's also Lennox in the final battle in the first film, when, right in the middle of a heated battle against Devastator Brawl, Blackout a.

His response of "We are so dead" seems rather appropriate. Subverted in Fallen when the Spark-shard starts up Jetfire, and Sam realizes he's a Decepticon seconds too late. The subversion comes in the fact that he doesn't actually try and kill anyone, and is in fact a good-hearted and decent person who, despite being a Decepticon, no longer believes or supports their violent ideology.

Epps has a fairly deadpan one near the climax; " We're about to get our asses whupped. Lennox: Why? Epps: I asked them to shoot at orange smoke. That orange smoke? Epps: It wasn't my best toss, OK? Frenzy mutters, "Oh shit. The fourth has an Imagine Dragons song, "Battle Cry", instead.

Both of these also happen to turn into silver sports cars. This has led to confusion amongst some, although the confusion in the movie is cut short by Sideswipe cutting Sideways in half and killing him within the first fifteen minutes. Good luck keeping those two straight if you're not a hard-core fan. Orbital Shot : It's a Michael Bay movie, after all. For example, the first two movies each have a degree spin scene of Optimus transforming. Palette Swap : While the Autobots are all unique creations, to get the sense of a real war going on many Decepticons are the same character models, and some don't even have a Earth based form, just a generic Cybertronian body.

Reused body molds are nothing new in Transformers, both In-Universe and in the toy line. This was especially prevalent with Grindor, who was essentially Blackout with a different paint job. And again in Fallen, with them cresting a bridge. Pragmatic Adaptation : The alternate vehicles especially for the Autobots were chosen to help convey the proper size of the appropriate characters.

Without the magic of mass-shifting, Optimus' original robot mode would not be much larger then the other Autobots. Though G1 fans howled, Bay's edict of "no size-changing" probably helped with the necessary Suspension of Disbelief.

Similarly they and every adaptation after G1 knew that Megatron turning into a handgun just wouldn't fly dramatically. Co-writer Roberto Orci's said it would be "like Darth Vader turning into his own lightsaber and having someone else swing him around. Optimus also became a Peterbilt because it's the largest trailer-less truck though in the third he carries a trailer, which also transforms! The comet protoforms were created due to a Discussed Fridge Logic moment the producers had concerning the Transformers The sequel and the expanded fiction actually do feature space-ships, The Ark and two versions of The Nemesis which is seen in the sequel ; they Hand Wave this by explaining that the comet forms are used for short-distance travel and planet entry.

For traveling across entire galaxies, they use ships. Megatron is apparently one of the only Cybertronians capable of traversing entire star systems on their own steam. Most other Transformers productions feature the robots as the only characters of importance, because A that's what the people want to see and B robots are just as easy to animate as humans in an Animated Adaptation.

In a Live-Action Adaptation humans have to carry an important role, because A non-fans need to be eased into accepting transforming robots as characters, B rendering realistic robots for two hours' worth of film would be prohibitively expensive, and C why not just make the entire film CGI instead of Live Action Precision F-Strike : The first movie has a barely audible yelled "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

In the third movie, Sam's boss refers to Bumblebee as "fuckin' awesome". Optimus: Time to find out. Sentinel: Optimus All I ever wanted was the survival of our race. You must see why I had to betray you. Optimus: You didn't betray me. You betrayed yourself. Sam gets one in DOTM. Dylan: [laughs at Sam] You think you're some kind of hero?

Sam: I'm just the messenger. Product Placement : Aside from the obviousnote which is a given as the franchise is essentially a vessel for toys, you have: General Motors, General Motors, General Motors. Most college students would use Logitech webcams, not Cisco. Also present was one that was formed from a Dyson DC 25 vacuum. Green Day , anyone? Air Force! These movies are serious product placement for the US Military. Megatron and Starscream landing atop the Met Life building in ROTF, which is a bit ironic considering the association of a life insurance company with a plot to destroy all life on Earth.

The conspicuous shots of the Constructicons' hood ornaments could be seen as a nod to Mack trucks. The third film no longer has a monopoly of GM cars, due to the company's bankruptcy issues. While the already established characters are still GM brands, this allows a great deal more variety.

In addition, the other product placement is relatively subtle, compared to the first two films. It mostly consists of not obscuring brand names. Remember the New Guy? Although they probably have thanks to offscreen events.

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But then I run the risk of destroying the entire universe, because it's loaded with raw energon! Are those bots Alpha Q's minions?! An entire planet splitting in two. I've heard of it before when I was taught the Earth split from the Moon back in science class. Even things that are translated correctly just don't flow well or make a lot of sense. Energon makes less explicit the fact that Scorponok has ceased communicating with the Decepticons. Megatron's conclusion that he's abandoned them shouldn't have an "if" attached to it.

Energon adds a lot of Autobot yammering as the Miranda II cruises through the glaciers. Super Link has only silence. Energon portrays Kicker as whining and yelling a lot about all the trouble his power has caused. In Super Link, he's just quietly regretful. In Super Link, Misha's explanation about the glaciers is that the whole planet's icy surface is constantly moving, in coordination with changes in the atmosphere. This is already a rather dumb explanation; Energon dumbs it down further to have her randomly comparing it to the North Pole instead of mentioning the atmosphere.

Inferno's mangled "needle" line, and the status report after the ship crashes, are both Energon additions. The scene where Kicker briefly speaks to Prime is originally him apologizing for causing them to land on the planet, to which Prime replies that he is not responsible. A massively stupid Energon mangulation replaces this with Kicker just asking "what can I do to help", as quoted above.

Kicker's self-recrimination is the theme of the whole episode, which is significantly reduced by this omission. Prime's aside to Jetfire is originally a bit more subtle, telling him to help Kicker deal with his anxieties since he's so far from home. Most of Snow Cat and Demolishor's reunion yammering is an Energon addition.

The Super Link version has them briefly noting that there's no energon tower or armed city in this place to stop them. Jetfire's blase attitude toward Kicker and Ironhide's worries is originally closer to dismissal for what Jetfire perceives as their somewhat cowardly attitude.

After Demolishor and Snow Cat launch their attack, they have a somewhat disjointed conversation. The point of it is supposed to be that Demolishor no longer cares about the Autobots and their human friends; Snow Cat concludes that Megatron erased his memory. Production flaws Art and animation Rescale what now? Energon, animated by Actas Inc. The animators rendered the Transformer characters in cel-shaded CGI while animating humans and other aspects of the show through traditional means.

The show would use CGI to show many characters in motion at once, often with a high frame rate that gives them a very fluid appearance for example, the many charges of the Battle Ravage Terrorcon drones, replete with numerous stamping legs and bobbing heads and tails. The above images feature: A horrified Ironhide witnessing Demolishor's death; a surprised Ironhide asking a question; a determined Ironhide charging into battle, and a fighting-mad Ironhide striking a decisive blow.

Can you figure out which is which? Characters possess no sense of weight and cannot move in any manner but the most basic. Even walking is a challenge for characters with bulky models like Ironhide, who is often reduced to swinging his arms and legs back and forth while sliding along a predetermined path.

Also, the black-line outlines of character models were often not rescaled for different shots, resulting in the characters sometimes appearing as indecipherable masses of heavy black lines. Additionally, "emotion" is nonexistent; the blank-faced CGI models could not easily display any facial expressions beyond "mouth open" and "mouth closed". Numerous characters don't have facial animation, even ones with mouths.

Most prominent among these is Alpha Q, who has no facial animation even though he has four faces! In some cases, when a character needs to emote visibly Megatron's pronounced yawning, Inferno's tortured screaming , or to do something visually dynamic acrobatic transformation , Munetaka Abe would pick up where the CGI failed and replace it with hand-drawn animation to create more emphasis. As stated above, the show's CGI compares very poorly with Beast Wars and Beast Machines, both of which came out many years prior and were fully animated in CGI, and which had characters who boasted complex, nuanced facial expressions and fluid, constant body language—even those with inhuman faces and bodies.

It is likely that Energon received a lesser budget in comparison to those two shows, which were some of the most expensive animated television programs ever made at the time. Even within the limits of the animation, many bad editing, design, and lighting choices make the series difficult to follow visually. Unicron's body—primarily black, to match his Energon redeco toy—is frequently lost against the blackness of space. When Alpha Q energizes Unicron's head, it becomes the Energon Orb , with no visual indication as to what it used to be.

Scenes set underground or within Unicron's body are commonly underlit, to the point that the characters can't even be distinguished. Strange elements such as the rift in space are inconsistently animated and described by the characters, making it difficult to figure out what they are. Editing Anyone who's got a spare "o" and needs an "i"?

At times, Energon tends to flow like a single feature-length film chopped up into minute segments. Thus, confusing, unclear elements like the rift in space and Unicron 's dark, partially re-energized body are routinely shown in closeup without any introductory establishing shots, making it extraordinarily unclear what's happening or where for the viewer who's just watching one particular episode by itself.

This "chopped-up film" sensation is not uncommon in Japanese animated series with a defined length, but Energon is a good example of the method being used rather poorly. Yeah, why? The show's scene editing is abrupt and choppy. Battle animation in particular cuts between numerous, very short scenes, showing several simultaneous but unrelated events that are all happening in real-time, making it difficult to grasp the significance of any of the events shown.

When boiled down, this editing style often serves to mask the fact that not much is actually happening. Like Armada, Energon was dubbed and edited rather hastily to make the episodes air on time. Only the latter two of those four errors were corrected for the DVD release. Music Despite a good soundtrack in both versions, Energon uses music in inappropriate moments; in " Imprisoned Inferno ", the episode ends with triumphant music despite being a very somber event.

Scripting and dubbing Why do we always come here I guess we'll never know It's like a kind of torture to have to watch the show! The dub of Energon seems more rushed than Armada, which is known for being so hurried that dubbers were working with unfinished animation, got names wrong, and had moments of dialogue that didn't jibe with the action.

Energon has completed animation sans some early episodes , and usually has names right. There are still a few exceptions, such as Misha, who gets three different names during the course of the show, and Downshift and Cliffjumper getting their actor's recordings switched rather frequently, causing them to have their names swapped between episodes and other characters referring to them by the wrong name.

The rushed dub script is full of mistranslations. Though some elements needed to be altered to suit a Western audience, it seems that many portions of the dub were never checked to see if they made logical sense. There are also several instances of new dialogue added, much of which don't match what is occurring onscreen. The final result is a show with some non-sequiturs and more than a few moments of nonsense. This is no ordinary blade. This is the Star Saber!

One example exists at the start of " Team Optimus Prime ": Dr. Jones says, in a frustrated tone, "I can't get back the energon I sent to Kicker. That's impossible! The original dialogue is a passive lament, more along the lines of "It's not like that energon I sent is ever coming back. Outside of these accidents, there are also some strange changes made deliberately; chief among them being the tendency for Primus to be ignored.

In one episode, Primus would be dubbed accurately, talking with other characters normally, while in the next, he would be edited out, with his lines erased or given to other characters, and references to him replaced with "the core". Other odd instances include Terrorcon drones having spoken lines randomly inserted in some scenes, never attributed to a particular Terrorcon; a strange tendency for various characters to exclaim that " Unicron is coming to life! Given all of this, the quality of voice acting frequently suffers throughout the show.

This can be a common result of the antiseptic ADR Additional Dialogue Recording environment, where actors perform solo, with no one to play off of. But Energon is particularly bad in this regard. Lead talents such as Garry Chalk and David Kaye still turn in strong performances, but actors for many of the secondary characters struggle to make something of the material they're given, often sounding flat and uninspired, or just confused. There are many times when all the actors have no idea what their lines mean in the greater scheme of things, nor any idea of what they're talking about; the Dr.

Jones quote cited above is also an example of this problem. There's also a pronounced amount of "filling dead air", with characters talking from offscreen or making noises like "Uhh? Animation models Left: Cyclonus's pre-final model used in " Megatron Resurrected ".

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But the Autobots face a new threat: attacks by Transformers known as Terrorcons. SE02 - Energon Stars After analyzing the Terrorcon threat, the Autobots decide to send away all the civilians living in the energon mining bases. The Return of Demolisher: Season 1, Episode 17 Airdate: July 3, Production Number: Please help out by editing it. The Return of Demolisher is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Transformers: Energon, and the seventeenth episode overall. Guest Stars: Contents. 1 Plot Overview; 2 Notes; 3 Arc Advancement. Happenings. Aug 9,  · Episode 17 - Megatron gives Demolisher a new body, the autobots find a new planet with energon but are attacked by the decepticons and Alpha Q's new terrorcons.