national lottery odds explained in betting
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National lottery odds explained in betting fxdd forex broker review

National lottery odds explained in betting

If you get all the numbers correct but one - which happens more than you think - you still win nothing some exceptions apply but they are rare and usually only result in small prizes for second and third place. Advantages of Lottery Betting First and foremost, betting on and playing the lottery do not have to exist separately. It is completely legal depending on your jurisdiction and highly suggested by some to play your favorite numbers while simultaneously betting those numbers with a lotto bookie.

This would in-turn mean if you actually win the lottery by selecting ALL the right numbers, you also win your bet ensuring your total winnings would be unfathomable. The most obvious advantage to betting the lottery is the ability to win without fulfilling all the requirements of a specific lottery draw. Players can incur smaller winnings by only matching a few or even one number, increasing rate of return.

Players can actually regularly involve themselves in lottery draws with the hopes of frequently bringing home winnings, as opposed to most lottery players who never see a single pound of winnings. Players also have the luxury of avoiding regulation confusion as players looking to enjoy country lotteries from outside that particular country can occasionally face legality issues.

So why would you want to place a bet with the bookies instead of buying a National Lottery Lotto ticket? The answer is, because you get much "fairer" odds. Betting on the Lotto in the bookies makes more mathematical sense than buying an actual Lotto ticket - the odds you are getting in the bookies are "fairer" than those provided by the National Lottery.

We are defining "fairness" in terms of the ratio of the odds offered to you on any given bet, compared to what the actual odds of winning it are. An example would suit best again. That means the fairness of your bet was a mere 2. The actual odds are 7. The other main reason you would want to bet with the bookies is that the bookies offer much better odds than the National Lottery's equivalent game called Lotto , but only for some choices, as detailed below.

The bookies have much better odds than the National Lottery's Lotto game, when you pick 2, 3 or 4 balls as your bet. If you pick 1 or 5 balls, the odds are the same, as you can see in the tables below.

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