7 differences between distance and displacement practice
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7 differences between distance and displacement practice

It does not give the complete information about the path travelled by the object. Now, let us understand in detail distance and displacement. Distance - Understanding with an Example One day, Riya decides to go for a long drive. Instead of considering a path, she roams around the city.

Here, what do you understand from this example? Now, let us understand what displacement is. Displacement - Understanding with an Example Assume a new scenario where the same person, Riya is heading towards her office hurriedly. As she went for a long drive last night, she was tired and woke up late. She has got a very important project to do and is getting late. Now, she looks for a shortcut to reach 30 minutes prior to the daily timings, so what that shortest path is?

Thus, when we consider the type of path, it is displacement. We can measure the path an object takes and also the direction of the path. Hence, from our examples on distance and displacement, we understand that distance has just magnitude, which is regardless of the direction. However, displacement takes both the magnitude and direction of the path travelled by an object. Consider an object projected vertically from the top of a building of height h.

The object moves a distance l upwards and returns to the ground. Features of displacement Displacement is a vector quantity. It can be a positive,a negative or a zero value. The magnitude of displacement of a particle between two points gives the shortest distance between the two points. The SI unit for displacement is metre and it has the dimension of length [M 0L1T0] The magnitude of the displacement will be less than or equal to the actual distance travelled by the object in the given interval of time.

The displacement of the object between two points has a unique value. The displacement of an object is unaltered due to a shift in the origin of the position axis. The numerical ratio of displacement to distance is equal to or less than one. Difference between distance and displacement in tabular form Sl.

No Displacement 1. The distance travelled is the total path covered by a particle in a given interval of time. Displacement is the shortest distance from the initial to the final position of the body while considering the direction. It is a scalar quantity. That is, the direction is not considered while calculating distance.

It is a vector quantity. That is, the direction is taken into consideration while calculating displacement. It depends only upon the magnitude. It depends upon both magnitude and direction. The distance travelled by a body is always positive and can never be negative.

The displacement can have any value i. The distance depends upon the path travelled by the body and will vary according to the change in path. The displacement does not depend on the path, while it depends only upon the initial and final positions. The distance travelled is either equal to or greater than displacement and is never less than the magnitude of displacement.

The distance can never decrease as time increases. The displacement may increase or decrease as time increases. The distance can be measured along a curved or a non-straight line path. The displacement is always measured along a straight-line path.

If an object, after travelling a certain distance returns to the starting point, then the distance travelled will be the total path covered by the object and can never be zero. If an object, after travelling a certain distance returns to the starting point, then its displacement is zero.

The distance between two points can have different values. The displacement of the body between two points has a unique value. The distance is never indicated with an arrow. The displacement is always indicated with an arrow vector.

SI Unit and dimension for displacement is the same as that of distance which is metre and [M0L1T0] respectively. Distance and Displacement problems Problem 1: A boat sailing through a river moved eastward for 5 km, then cross the river by moving 3 km southward.

On reaching the other side it moved westward through 1 km and reached the jetty. Find the distance covered and displacement of the boat. Find a the distance travelled by motorcycle. Therefore, there will be no change in position and hence the displacement is equal to zero.

Problem 5: A vehicle moves from point P to Q to R to S in a circular path as shown in the below figure.

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Sep 13,  · The following points explain the differences between distance and displacement: The amount of space between two points, measured along the actual path, . Besides comparing Distance and Displacement, there are also many similarities between these two components. Some of the similarities between Distance and Displacement are as follows: 1. The S.I unit of both displacement and distance is the same. It is meter (m). 2. Reference points are required to measure both See more. 8 rows · But it's one diameter away from where it started, so it's displacement is r = au After one-quarter lap around the Sun, the Earth has traveled a distance of one-quarter .