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Then, copy that formula down for the rest of your stocks. But, as I said, dividends can make a huge contribution to the returns received for a particular stock. Also, you can insert charts and diagrams to understand the distribution of your investment portfolio, and what makes up your overall returns. If you have data on one sheet in Excel that you would like to copy to a different sheet, you can select, copy, and paste the data into a new location. A good place to start would be the Nasdaq Dividend History page. You should keep in mind that certain categories of bonds offer high returns similar to stocks, but these bonds, known as high-yield or junk bonds, also carry higher risk.

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4 hero better place better

It's the optical illusion that makes objects close to us appear to move faster than objects farther away. In web design, parallax uses foreground and background to recreate this effect. The result seems like magic. Just make sure not to overwhelm visitors by incorporating too many moving elements.

Simplicity is key here. Scrolling animation makes participation the goal. A good scrolling animation encourages people to keep scrolling before offering up a unique, engaging experience. Scrolling animations come in a variety of packages and work well across a number of industries, like retail, creative services, news publications, education, and more. Abstract Compositions Circles, triangles, stripes, and color blocks are back in vogue. Instead of restricting space and making sure everything is in its place, abstract hero images evoke a sense of freedom and creativity.

You can find this trend taking over tech companies and startups, like this example from Zendesk that incorporates video within an abstract semi-circle to keep the design playful. Soft Color Schemes The average adult spends nearly eight hours per day with digital media — and that can lead to a lot of eye strain. Web designers have taken note and are starting to lean toward hero images with neutral, pleasing color palettes. This trend is popping up on retail, wellness, and medical websites to offer a more comfortable experience that's easy on the eyes.

Products as Design Elements Products are the star of the show when it comes to hero images. Companies want to show their offerings and entice visitors to learn more about the features. For hero images, it's common to see products being used as graphic elements or deconstructed so visitors can dig into the details.

Tech and retail companies often use this type of hero image, but it can work for any brand looking to put its product at the forefront. Lifelike Color So long flat colors, hello fine 3-D shading. This trend in hero image web design is all about making people feel like they're inside the screen. Designers create these realistic experiences using gradients, shadows, and blended colors. While this trend will likely stay in tech and apps, it's great for pulling people into the world of your website.

Image source 6. This makes video the perfect visual content for an attention-grabbing hero image. If you decide to use a video, it's best to keep it under 30 seconds long and on a loop. As mentioned above, you'll want to switch out the video for a static hero image for your mobile site so it doesn't eat up data or take long to load.

Hero Image Best Practices Trends are only one part of creating a great hero image. The rest of the magic relies on tried-and-true design standards. Even if you're not a trained designer, you can follow these best practices for a hero image that hits home with your audience. Size We already talked about the best dimensions for hero images above 1, pixels and a aspect ratio , so consider this a reminder of how important it is to have the right size.

You don't want the browsers to resize an image for you or you might wind up with a funky, stretched visual that puts off visitors. Harmony People are instantly distracted by bad design and will click off your site if your hero image doesn't harmonize with the rest of your layout.

Keep your aesthetic in sync by carefully selecting the fonts, sizes, colors, navigation, visuals, and copy. It's helpful to reference your brand identity and guidelines when coming up with a hero image concept. You don't want people to lose interest before getting to the good stuff. Organization Part of creating a harmonious design is having excellent organization. Your hero image content should have a logical hierarchy and flow, so every piece builds on what came before.

This is incredibly important for pairing images with copy. They are either fixed in position or float to a specific location on the page. Backgrounds tend to be white, with contrasted, near-black header text to accompany. Download Free 6. However, another approach to consider is using illustrations. Colorful, textured illustrations help to explain a theme or establish a motif as well as decorate your hero space.

And as Nick Babich explains, they give you more control over image specifications. In this example, the illustration provides visual reference to what the site offers in order to help the user buy in on the concept. When content is placed on top of the hero image, designers usually adjust the contrast of the image. This is to ensure that the content is readable and the CTA button is located and used.

In this example by Kindeo, the hero image lends design support by enhancing the user flow leading to the CTA button, which is placed front and center. The image has been darkened so that it simply complements the white text and light-green CTA button on top. Texture is the best way to give a flat photo some depth, warmth and feeling.

If you intend for your hero image to take center stage or differentiate it from other elements on the page, texture is the way to go. Take a look at this example: We love the use of crashing waves beneath the header text, the granular texture of the sand, and brush strokes in this big background image. What a great way to introduce visitors to a beach resort website. Learn more about designing the perfect image for your hero header here. Hero image website: the flowing full bleed hero This is another example of an interactive hero image.

Pretty cool! Learn more about designing with parallax on our post. Space is what gives your design room to breathe, as well as create emphasis. To make the content in your hero area stand out, set a margin on all sides of the canvas and center your content on top of the hero image. Just like that your visitors will automatically be drawn to the center of the hero, right where you want them to look. Told you it was simple!

Learn more about designing with space in this post on UI layout. Hero image website: horizontal parallax scrolling This design is brought to us by legendary design studio Tubik. It should come as no surprise that they created an incredible hero image website that goes beyond a powerful image. This hero image example uses horizontal parallax, through a horizontal tab system to divide the screens. We love the pops of yellow and contrast between the two main images.

Tubik delivers once more! Hero image website: luxury video heroes Charbonnel is a luxury real estate company. Its website follows the classic luxury brand playbook: clean lines, minimalist style with beautiful images. Instead of an image, Charbonnel dedicates the hero image area to a video. The video itself makes for a powerful selling pitch, creating an interactive and dynamic hero image example. Download Free Hero image website: hero image carousel Big name brands are true believers in using powerful hero images to showcase their star-items.

Just like Apple, Samsung also makes a powerful statement with their hero image webpage. Samsung goes beyond a static image, instead going for a full carousel. Each image delivers a good visual impact, some concise copy and a CTA.

The carousel also includes a video, making it an even more interactive experience. We love that the hero images all have bold colors that highlight the young vibe that Samsung was trying to convey with their new smartphone. The typography is quite a smart design, because it makes a selling point without taking away from the image. Hero image website: shifting the conversation Airbnb is at the top of the UX game in many ways. From using typography to reinforce their brand personality to building a UI that entices users to seek adventure — Airbnb knows UX that converts.

This hero image example is particularly interesting, because it also shows the practical aspect of hero image websites. With the pandemic of , tourism saw its market all but disappear. Airbnb, while heavily affected, used its hero image to change the sales pitch.

The UI components combined with the illustration create a very compelling homepage, making it a wonderful example of smart UX design. Hero image website: flexibility with hero designs Nike has been known to rely on a hero image in order to quickly create new campaigns, often tailored for that specific time such as encouraging people to register to vote. This gives the website a lot of flexibility, making Nike a store that is always interesting upon first glance.

While there is no carousel, the hero image is often split into several combined images, like the example below. Once more we see a fantastic use of typography. In this case we have a big and dramatic font that adds on to the main message of empowerment. Hero image website: outstanding marketing Campos Coffee is another company that made a brilliant change in the sales pitch with the pandemic of

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The same report stated that "[i]mprovements in battery technology will allow for increased power, increased electrical propulsion, and bigger gains in fuel economy. A public Better Place charging station in Canberra. In Australia a roll-out of charge stations was planned to begin in the major eastern coast cities before expanding nationally. It was estimated that these would give comparable coverage to the existing 13, petrol stations then in operation.

Before the end of the year, Better Place was going to open a battery switch station and joint education center in the southern city of Guangzhou. Shai Agassi said that China Southern Grid was embracing battery switch as the primary means of range extension.

China Southern Power Grid pilot projects and other joint activities were supposed to explore the benefits that switchable-battery electric cars and the networked infrastructure that supports them might deliver to the electric grid in CSG's service area, which spanned five provinces, one million square kilometers, and million people in Southern China.

These would have had , charging poles , but they did not indicate how many, if any, of them would have been battery-swap stations. A Better Place battery swap station in Denmark. Using the Better Place model, DONG hoped to take advantage of the existing electric grid and electric vehicle batteries to harness and store the abundance of wind-generated power, and distribute it appropriately for transportation consumption. Cumulative sales through April reached units.

Because the batteries are owned by Better Place, Renault announced it would honor the existing agreement to around customers that bought their electric cars through Better Place. The operation of the charging stations was acquired in March by OpConnect. Israel was the first nation in the world to partner with Better Place to build an electric car infrastructure. The Baran Group signed an agreement with Better Place stating its intention to build 51 battery switch stations over the course of to cover all of Israel.

According to the Financial Times around corporations in Israel signed letters of intent to begin switching their fleets to Better Place electric car network as soon as the service becomes available. This represented a potential of 80, electric cars. The station was supposed to be the first of approximately 40 stations to begin operating in the near term. The battery exchange process took five minutes. After Stevie runs away with the watch, a cheap counterfeit, Jimmy and the "unconscious" man [a] return to Jimmy's residence to split the proceeds of their scam.

Nacho Varga is released from custody and accuses Jimmy of warning the Kettlemans. Jimmy says he warned the family for the sake of the children, and that Nacho should be grateful the warning prevented him from committing kidnapping or murder, for which he would have been charged since he was noticed while surveilling the Kettlemans.

Jimmy enters the money from the Kettlemans in his accounts as a retainer so it appears to be a legitimate payment. Kim Wexler confronts Jimmy, and Howard sues him for trademark infringement. The court rules for HHM and Jimmy is ordered to remove the billboard. After failing to persuade any news outlets to cover his predicament as a human interest story , Jimmy hires a freelance media team to record his video plea for sympathy.

During filming, the worker removing the billboard falls and is held up only by his safety harness. Jimmy climbs up and pulls the worker to safety while passersby watch and record, as does his media team. Howard and Kim realize Jimmy staged the rescue for publicity. The next day, Jimmy brings Chuck McGill 's daily newspapers, but hides the local one that includes a report on the rescue.

Production[ edit ] The episode was written by supervising producer Gennifer Hutchison , who was also a writer and producer on Breaking Bad. The site's consensus reads, "'Hero' marks the essential early evolution of Saul's conning skills, beginning his amusing transformation into the well-known Breaking Bad personality. Archived from the original on April 3,

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4hero was formed by Dollis Hill (London, UK) residents, Marc Mac (aka Marc Clair) and Dego (aka Dennis McFarlane), in They all met whilst studying at college, and founded the pirate station Strong Island FM prior to forming 4 Hero & Reinforced Records. They also had experience running the sound systems Solar Zone & Midnight Lovers. 6/12/ · Hero Archetype Family 1. Hero Archetype Definition When everything appears to be lost, the Hero rides over the hill and saves the day. The Hero archetype's motto is: “Where there's a will, there's a way”. The Hero wants to make the world a better place. In film, no character that personifies the Hero better than Russell Crowe in Gladiator. 8/15/ · John Lewis: The Courageous Hero Who Made America A Better Place Dan Considine Aug 15, The late civil rights activist pushed America, even beyond Selma. John Lewis found any way he could to inspire others to want change. He created a legacy through media. Good trouble goes a long way for the people of America. Author.