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Vl mike place yo betz mixtape websites

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Sure, it helps if it's on a number of websites, but you also need the right music promotion services to help boost your content. Click below for a list of organic music promo options! Datpiff This is arguably the mixtape website that gets the most traffic. The problem is that you are going to be lost in the masses here and it can be very difficult to be featured on the front page or in various other sections.

To do succeed here, you will need to start an ad campaign. You will get a website that has a visually appealing layout and it is incredibly simple to use when it comes to both uploading your mixtape and promoting it. They frequently have opportunities for artists to promote their music.

They pride themselves in delivering new content daily, and they attract eight million unique users every month! MixtapeMonkey The colorful MixtapeMonkey has an instant visual appeal, with a bright orange website accent. In addition to mixtapes, you can browse by artist, check out videos, and even grab some swag from their shop so you can ride in style.

Artists have the option of submitting their mixtape to MixtapeMonkey too. The Tape Eater app allows you to download and collect mixtapes from your favorite sites. They also pride themselves on the accuracy of mixtape titles and artist names. Their library is considerable, all things considered. And their website is simple, attractive, and fast. Their convenient, stylized menu gives you access to search, mixtapes, videos, genres, social media links, and their iOS app.

Could Certified Mixtapes be the next hot site to find favorites tapes? They have an app on the App Store as well as Google Play that lets you download mixtapes, stream unlimited mixtapes, share on social media, and discover the latest mixtape releases. You can quickly and easily search by category, top picks, free releases, and more.

And their archive of content is sizable. Not much more is known about them, but they do have a Twitter account and contact page. They also solicit advertisers. They have music mixtapes, albums, instrumentals, videos, lyrics, and news on their site. Notable Mixtapes On Ndwompafie. Other Fun Facts On Ndwompafie.

They also cover the biggest names in hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, Hiplife, and Afro pop.

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VL Mike - U Could Hate Me (Can't See Me )

Michael Allen (19 tháng 1, - 20 tháng 4, ), được biết đến nhiều hơn với cái tên VL Mike, là một rapper người Mỹ đến từ New Orleans, Louisiana. VL Mike đã nói trên mixtape Place Yo Betz của anh ấy rằng lý do anh ấy rời khỏi hãng vì . AdTickets On Sale Today And Selling Fast, Secure Your Seats Now. USA Tickets After the release of the Chopper City Boyz, [[We Got This debut album, VL Mike departed from Chopper City Records and set out to pursue his solo career. VL Mike stated on his Place Yo Betz mixtape that the reason he departed from the label was because B.G. had been portraying himself as a gangster for years through his music when he was not.