dust 2 smokes csgo betting
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Dust 2 smokes csgo betting gay coin crypto

Dust 2 smokes csgo betting

Besides being extremely popular in CS 1. There are many reasons why this is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike. Besides the fact that the CTs and Ts are fairly balanced, the map also offers players the chance to do a lot of cool tricks. There are tons of guides out there showing you some interesting tactics, so make sure to check them. Speaking of tactics, almost everything you do as a T or a CT involves using a smoke.

This is one of the most underrated utility items in the game, which is strange because it can do wonders. Sadly, many people waste their smokes without achieving anything with it. The ones near T spawnc Some people might think that only smokes are used primarily by the CT side. On the contrary, every team needs to throw at least a couple of smokes to push.

The first smoke you have to learn how to use is for Long, and you can use it near the T spawn. The idea here is to run towards Long, and once you reach the car it will be on your right , you have to throw the smoke while looking up. If you do this right, you will be able to smoke the long corner. One of the things you can do is to throw a classic smoke that has to land near the door. You can also throw a smoke that will save you from the AWPer when you get close to the car.

Once that happens, look up and place your crosshair where the mid door is located. After you are ready, you can jump and throw the smoke. Pushing A site Aside from the smokes that you can use near the T spawn, there are loads of other options. One of them can be used if you decide to push the A site from short. Once you go there, get close to the gate and throw a smoke aiming between the window and the roof of the building opposite of you. If you do this right, the smoke will land in a way that will allow you to push.

Speaking of smoking the A site, you should also throw a grenade in a way that will allow you to block the CT spawn. This particular spot is so necessary because of the tremendous pressure put on the player that is playing B.

Keeping it Fresh This is a similar point to Ramp on Nuke, and maybe even more important here on Dust 2 than any other map strictly because of the layout of the map. Staying fresh will single handedly win you rounds on B-Site because of how quickly this entire part of the map can fall apart. You have a variety of approaches to bring to the round, with passive play or aggressive play being the most obvious choices, but positioning is key as well. If the T players constantly expect you to hide at the car for free kills, you will soon start to get flashed and pre-fired and you will not have a good time.

The same also goes if you have a bad Mid player and are constantly left defending both Mid and B-Site. If your default move is to rush Upper Tunnels, then you will be read easily. These kinds of moments are incredibly hard to manage, but committing to a similar play style every single round will make your life harder. In the picture above I have marked the various spots that you could reasonably play and get a kill or have impact on the B Bombsite.

But on the other hand, sometimes playing too passive on Dust 2 might ruin your chances of having any impact at all. Ideally you want to find a playstyle that treads the line of these two ideas, but unfortunately that is a line that is incredibly hard to define, and that is where team play and raw mechanical skills will help you shine.

Some spots are obviously easier than others, but like I mentioned before, try not to get caught in comfort spots, because they will not always reward easy kills. Sometimes all it takes is one kill and staying alive in order to secure the round for your teammates. You have to try to get this one grenade down EVERY round, as the moment you think you can manage without it, all five opponents will be in your face immediately.

Find a player that can throw you a mid cross smoke consistently, because if the enemy can see that only one player plays B every single round, they will rush you consistently, and could possibly get a free kill every round. The Rush Sometimes the enemy players will figure themselves amatuer firefighters and extinguish the molly you throw with a smoke of their own, popping out amidst the chaos. If you have to, you can also dispense extra utility in order to help stop this execute, but be sure that they are executing B as no one wants to waste all of their nades on a fake.

Utility at the Mid-Round Counter-Pressure Smoke Generally you want to save your smoke for mid round scenarios, unless you were forced to use it for a mid cross or to make space in the site if the enemies pull a quick execute.

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MiGHTYMAX Dust2 AVANGAR Smoke (CS:GO Tricks and Tips)

Aug 26,  · How to use a smoke bomb: Dust 2 Best Smoke Spots: 1. xBbox in the T Spawn area; 2. xBox in the Top Mid area; 3. Short middle; 4. A Short One-Way; 5. CT Spawn in the . Aug 19,  · Open up the Dust 2 map in CSGO to start practice using smoke grenades in different spots. You will be able to practice against the several bots that will spawn as soon as . Jun 28,  · CT Spawns Smoke. This dust 2 spot is exactly opposite to the left mid-smoke. This one allows players to smoke CT spawn to cover both the A-long angle and CT Spawn .