crypto miner malware
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Crypto miner malware

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Did you know? Subscribe - We publish new crypto explainer videos every week! Is Decentralized Anonymous Blockchain a Myth? After the initial download, the infection process was delayed for days or even weeks. The program was set up to run the malware installation in a multi-stage process, deleting all traces of this process.

The crypto miner malware was used to mine Monero XMR. The malicious actors have chosen Monero cryptocurrency, not by chance. The cryptocurrency is characterized by complete anonymity. Therefore, only the recipient knows about the process of mining this cryptocurrency. On top of that, compared to other cryptocurrencies, XMR operations are relatively difficult to detect. One of its most popular apps is the Google Translate desktop application and since Google has never released the app's desktop version, Nitrokod's corrupted version is the first link that shows up during searches.

But, unlike other malware campaigns, malicious actors behind Nitrokod are patient and clever. This allowed the campaign to successfully operate under the radar for years," the report said. The infection chain begins with the installation of the program, which unsuspecting users have downloaded from the internet.

After the software execution, the Google Translate app is installed along with an updated file. This file is the powder keg that starts a series of four droppers until the actual malicious software is installed. As soon as the malware is executed , it connects to the C2 server to obtain the XMRig crypto miner configuration and starts mining cryptocurrencies.

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Infecting Myself With Crypto Malware! (Virus Investigations 35)

Jun 25,  · Its main goal is to mine Monero cryptocurrency using a known miner, XMRig. The malware spreads as a worm, searching and infecting other vulnerable machines. Earlier . Cryptojacking (also called malicious cryptomining) is an online threat that hides on a computer or mobile device and uses the machine’s resources to “mine” forms of online currency known as . Sep 01,  · Malware is finding new and original ways to disguise itself. Check Point Research (CPR), a leading cyber threat intelligence firm, has detected a crypto miner malware, which .