uk horse betting explained synonym
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Uk horse betting explained synonym sports action betting canucks

Uk horse betting explained synonym

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A banker horse is not to be confused with the banker bet. Bar: What does bar mean in hores racing? The bar price refers to the collective odds of horses not quoted individually. NAP Bets: This term is pretty common in horse racing. So what does NAP mean in horse racing?

Betting Rule 4 : Reducing the odds of a race after a horse is withdrawn from that race. Such an action will increase the winning chance of other horses, so their odds are reduced. It is a very common practice at betting exchange UK Betting Exchange: A market where the bettors can place a horse racing bet against each other, instead of against the bookmaker.

Betfair is the most popular and the first exchange in the United Kingdom. Betting exchanges have lower house edge percentages, so the bettors can earn more. It means placing a bet while the race is going on. Free Bets: Refers to a promotion that is pretty popular at new horse racing betting sites UK.

You get a bankroll for free to place a bet, and if you win it, the prize is yours to keep. Basically, you can play a free bet with this promotion and keep the payout. There are, of course, lots of terms, conditions, and limitations.

Refer to our other guides and reviews for more information. Place: Second position in a horse race. It also has a special bet, see below. Each Way: Betting that a horse will finish the race first or second. This is a specific UK horse racing betting type, see below. Decimal odds may be shown as 2. For example, if an outcome is priced at 4. In a single bet, there are two parts to the bet — a win and a place. So, if the horse, football team, tennis player etc win the event then you are paid twice but if they come second, third or possibly fourth, the place part of the bet is the only section that will pay out.

Each Way multiples can also be staked. Evens Also referred to as Even Money, this is a price used in fractional odds. Favourite In any sporting event you have a favourite or possibly two or more joint favourites. These refer to the horse, football team, tennis player etc etc who has the shortest odds in the market and is therefore expected to win. Forecast In horse racing and greyhound racing, a straight forecast bet predicts the first and second placed runners in the correct order.

Alternatively, punters can stake a reverse forecast where they can finish in any order to land a return. Gelding Quite simply a gelding is a male horse that has been castrated Going In horse racing the going refers to the condition of the ground on which the horse is running. Depending on weather conditions the going could be soft, hard, good or somewhere between those parameters. A Goliath comprises bets in total using eight selections and it is separated into 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 x 4-folds, 56 x 5-folds, 28 x 6-folds, 8 x 7-folds and an 8-fold.

Grand On to another monetary term here and this means a thousand — usually in GBP — but more recently it has also been used for Euros. Heinz Heinz is another combination bet using six selections. This is made up of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 x 4-folds, 6 x 5-folds and a 6-fold. In Running Also referred to as betting in running as described above. An in running bet is placed once the event in question has started.

Jackpot As we know, a jackpot can apply to any number of betting options and is commonly seen at casinos. In horse racing however it is quite specific and refers to the total prize money made available by the Tote on the first six races on a UK racecourse.

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Horse Race Betting Strategy - Sports Betting on Horse Races for Beginners - A Tutorial

The Tricast Bet. A tricast Bet (sometimes referred to as a trifecta) is where you bet on three horses that you think will finish in first, second and third position in an exact order. This can . We also explain what exactly a furlong is (a common term you will hear in relation to the length of horse races). Flat Racing – run on courses where there are no obstacles present (i.e. it is flat). Missing: synonym. UK horse racing betting is a “national hobby” in the United Kingdom. The British people are racing horses and betting on them since the Roman Empire. (Yes, that Roman Empire.) They .