baby delivery betting pools
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Baby delivery betting pools

People immediately started replying with their guesses, but it struck a nerve with me in the wrong way. Coincidentally, my mom messaged me, individually, at the same time trying to get me to put my own guess in. She chose to send it all to me, mainly to keep the peace, but let me know I was being ridiculous about it because everyone was excited.

Everyone lost it on me. So, tell it to me straight: am I being unreasonable here? Do I owe them an apology or do they owe me one? Thank you for reading my rant. It is an object of the application for baby delivery pool to offer one or more aspects of the delivery to be a part of the pool. The different aspects include, but are not limited to, birth date, birth hour, birth minute and birth weight.

The pool can have exact finite elements like minutes where there are 60 finite minutes. Where there is less than the full number of entrants for a category, such as only 19 people selecting minutes, the winner can be the closest or the next highest selected value. It is an object of the application for baby delivery pool for the payout ratio of the winner to the expecting parents to be a variable. It is another object of the application for baby delivery pool to be a downloadable application or an interactive website or canvas web page where people can register and select spots in real-time as others are also select spots.

It is still another object of the application for baby delivery pool to utilize advertising to fund the pool and application. The advertisements are generally specific to the birth and include baby needs and or parenting needs. The advertising can be location specific where local stores can promote sales items and or products. A gift registry can further be available with the application where family members can purchase items or use the proceeds from the pool to purchase or contribute to the purchase of items when the pool is complete.

Various objects, features, aspects, and advantages of the present invention will become more apparent from the following detailed description of preferred embodiments of the invention, along with the accompanying drawings in which like numerals represent like components. Basically, people offer a few dollars to guess when a baby will be delivered or how much it will weigh and then split the pool of money. The expectant mother gains needed funds once the baby is born.

The application brings an entirely new user-experience to baby pool contests by expanding the number of people that can participate and avoiding the pitfalls with handwritten baby pools by safeguarding the funds online. With this application expectant mothers can gain money and gifts for their baby, notify friends and relatives about the upcoming birth in a fast and efficient manner and gain advice from medical experts and other moms.

The application creating a unique opportunity for friends of pregnant females to help out with the costs associated with having a newborn, help give the child a bright future by funding education and insurance, gain discounts for gifting and related products gift extra money and registry items and make the intensity of giving birth a more enjoyable experience for their friend. As with most programs or applications there is a server administration 25 with an administration panel 32 for system administration The application provides a store 33 with customer service Selection of the different facets of the delivery is handled within a store 33 with payment through various money handling institutions for credit card 42 and PayPal 43 or other payment processors.

Credit card processing gateway and PayPal or other payments processors for all applications and funds escrow. For each delivery the a promotion and sign-up takes place 36 where a subscriber account 54, subscriber campaign 55, and sharing 58 of the information on the delivery is communicated to participating members via various social networking platforms, including but not limited to, with twitter 57, Email 60 and Facebook 58 for communication to the subscriber groups 61 and subscriber groups For membership sign-up, it is anticipated that the sign-up would be free for user enters that enter a registration page and fills out information in the promotional site.

The user can sign-up from LinkedIn , Twitter or a Facebook account where the user information can be populated from the data of the social network site. If the user does not have a social network account the user can enter a first and last name , create a user name , enter their email account for communication regarding the delivery and create a password The application can remember the entered information to reduce the time to visit the site in the future.

If the user is not interested in continuing the sign-up can be canceled Upon accepting the terms of the application and entering the data, i. Information is sent to application database, ii. The system emails Confirmation Email to User, iii. User must click link in email to Confirm Account registration and the iv. System sends a 2nd email Welcoming User with login access info and a quick-list of how to participate in baby pool contests.

If a user already has signed-up, they may login to account area by using direct account access info or with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account info. If a user signs in with social network, they are encouraged with popup to Share BabyBoomApps link with friends on network. If User has forgotten direct account info they may click Forgot Access Info, fill out a form with account email address to have access info emailed to them.

From this page a user has several choices when entering the Promo website babyboomapps. Membership registration 90 allows User to create an account and use the system as a Contest Creator or a Participating Friend on other account Contests. If the user chooses they can find a contest 93 by searching via the expectant parent s name and zip code, or the specific name of the contest. If it is a public contest and the user is a member already, they may openly join and play the Contest 92 once logged in.

If the Contest is listed as Public or Private, they must Request to participate or be invited to participate by the Contest creator This page shows an initial landing page for the application with the navigation menu along the top of the page. The navigation menu allows a user options to create a contest 91 where a user can create a contest from scratch. The user can select contests 71, where the can see a list of Contests they have created or joined.

The user can select groups 72 where the user can create Public or Private Groups of people to email to. The user can select registration 73, the user can create, edit or find a Gift Registry. The user can select account 74, where the user can see and edit their account information. The user can select messages 75, there a user can send and receive messages related to their account from admin or friends. The user can select news 76, where a user can see messages from admin such as updates and specials.

The user can selects calendar 77, where a user can see locate the dates they have chosen on a Contest. The user can select photos 78, where a user can upload and share albums and photos with friends in their Groups. And also add video links. The user can select bank 79 where a user can buy and store Boom Bucks for usage in their account.

To start a contest a user clicks on a button and after going through Step 1: Okay as shown below and the system automatically generates default suggestions for sections 2, 3 and 4. The Contest is saved and Contest Creator can then review it in Contest list section of Dashboard where it awaits further instructions from User. If the User does not find an existing Baby Bringer's info, they can type in the Baby Bringer's Name and email address and once Contest is submitted it must also send an email requesting the Baby Bringer join BabyBoom!

As a Baby Bringer and participate with the contest. A user adds Contest Details from a checkbox list of Contest Add-ons. With each pay prediction added, Contest Creator will choose the suggested minimum amount of Boom Bucks a participant must commit per guess and the maximum number of guesses allowed per participant, per day. Traditional prediction Add-ons include but are not limited to guess a baby's birth date and guessing a baby's birth time.

Optional side challenges can include, but not be limited to, guessing the baby's gender, guessing the baby's weight, guessing the baby's Length, guessing the baby's hair color, guessing the baby's eye color, guessing the baby's first name. The contest creator may connect to previously created photo albums or video links.

Contest creator may make suggestions as to what gifts would be appropriate for a participant to select by entering keywords into a textbox separated by commas. Note: This should be a smart box that finds pre-existing keywords from database as contest creator types. The application can include a gifted boom bucks for the baby's education fund.

This allows participant to donate boom bucks to baby's education funds, insurance funds and gift cards. The winner can further designate that winnings be donated to one or both parents or any of the identified funds. The save option saves the Contest for delivery at a later time where a reminder email or text message can be sent at a future date or time. The save and send to groups 72, saves and takes Contest Creator to Groups select Groups or individuals to share Contest with.

This can add reminder of date, time and Group when Contest was last sent and also add a button to Send Again.

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Baby delivery betting pools Include the name betting the winner delivery the pool, as well as where each person finished in the contest's standings. If the user is not interested in continuing the sign-up can be canceled If the odds are increasing, people love to win so they may come back for seconds or even thirds! Social Engagement Spreading the News All too often nowadays we see informal birth announcements via Facebook and Twitter. The user then selects the payment method, either PayPal or Credit Card and completes the transaction. You can also baby the game a few weeks after the shower depending on how early you have your baby shower butyou MUST have a close pools date and stick to it to keep things fair.
World sports betting login Each separate pool can have different payout percentages. Some of these sites are really interactive so guests can make comments or mommy can add her baby registry information. As with most programs or applications there is a server administration 25 with an administration panel 32 for system administration The contest link makes available a copy and paste option to paste the image in another application or document. They can mail in their bids ahead of the shower and alertedlater the outcome of the game. Have a start and end time for the baby pool game.
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Sportsbook license The pool can have exact finite elements like minutes where there are 60 finite minutes. The system allows people to wager with others, at casinos and horse tracks at a distance from where the person is located. An alternative is to use a free Baby Pool Hosting website. The multiple see more can wager on one or more contests. Baby delivery betting pools reminds them to place an initial guess or put in another guess when the baby will be born. There is a donation tracker on your pool as well as a guess tracker which will help keep people up to date on pool details. And also add video links.
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Best stocks for cryptocurrency In addition to some simple UI changes, we created a "Pool Godparents" feature where users can assign a "back-up" admin to assist in baby delivery betting pools the pool. The registry can include limits on how many article source. EDIT for clarification: I actually suggested creating a birth date guessing game for the baby shower which my mom organized and hosted, btw. We have made it as easy as possible to set up, host, and manage a baby pool. For membership sign-up, it is anticipated that the sign-up would be free for user enters that enter a registration page and fills out information in the promotional site. A gift registry 73 in a typical e-commerce structure except much simpler and using credits instead of cash for checkouts. The user is emailed a confirmation of the sale.
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LINER ONLY-Birth Pool in a Box Regular size- LINER ONLY. 1 Count (Pack of 1) out of 5 stars $ $ 00 Inflatable Swimming Pool for Family, FUNAVO " X 71" X 22" . Oct 20,  · She was announcing a betting pool for when the baby would be born. People had to send her guesses with the date, time, and birth weight and Venmo her $5 to enter. People .