ethereum music ico
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Ethereum music ico 0.07 bitcoin to usd

Ethereum music ico

The platform will be developed in the latter half of and will be made available for all major operating systems. The VSM tokens based on ethereum smart contract technology are to ensure transparency in the ICO, and will only be issued to the Ethereum wallet sending the initial transaction.

The VSM tokens will enable holders to purchase content on the platform and will also allow for peer to peer transfers and trading against other cryptocurrencies. The platform plans to add a number of features to the platform with the funds raised through the crowdsale.

The fiat support will be enabled through partnerships with exchange platforms. In the interest of familiarity, users have the option to switch from fiat to VSM, as they start to understand how the cryptocurrency works and applicable conversion rates. VOISE new platform aims to bring some of the benefits of blockchain technology to an Industry that is fraught with fees and regulations. The decentralized platform seeks to offer artists the freedom to monetize and publish their music without the strings of industry attempting to control their every move.

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Heat standings Manage your own royalties A feature truly unique to OPUS, fans can now take home a share of the profits simply by creating playlists with all their favorite songs. This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. Web and mobile Artists are struggling to make sense of the mess that is royalty distribution in its present form and find it difficult to keep the fair share. In the interest of familiarity, users have the option to switch from fiat to VSM, as they start to understand how the cryptocurrency works and applicable conversion see more. In Tixico will become their official ticketing partner.
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The innovative VOISE platform is built on Ethereum blockchain with the aim of empowering independent artists and musicians while enabling music lovers to discover, stream and download unique content. Artists joining VOISE platform will be able to monetize their content without the involvement of third parties or record labels who charge huge commissions. The platform intends to introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain to the huge music industry in which many are still unaware of its potential.

In order to ensure familiarity with existing infrastructure and facilitate the transition between technologies, VOISE will also include support for fiat currencies on the platform. They can browse through the collection and purchase the content of their choice using a range of currencies.

However, unlike other app stores, VOISE store offers a much better collection of music created by independent artists. If a user is a content creator, then they can also upload their creations to the platform and make it available for distribution. Voisium Crowdsale Voisium VSM , the native cryptocurrency on VOISE platform is created using Ethereum smart contract technology, and it is available for purchase during the upcoming month-long crowdsale.

It is worth noting that there was no hard cap funding target. How many tokens were sold in the Ethereum ICO? While more than 60 million ETH were sold in the token sale, the Ethereum supply is uncapped, meaning that there is no maximum amount of tokens that can be in circulation at the same time.

The Ethereum blockchain launched in with 72 million tokens, out of which 60 million belonged to ICO investors. On which platform was the Ethereum ICO held? The ETH token was the first digital asset launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Over the years, numerous tokens launched on the network, primarily using the ERC20 token standard.

Who organized the Ethereum ICO? The ICO was organized by the core Ethereum team. Are all ICOs based on Ethereum?

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