betting bangarraju heroine clothing
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Betting bangarraju heroine clothing streaming forex rates api

Betting bangarraju heroine clothing

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Amit looks handsome and his dialogue delivery is also strong. He fits the role very well and he can take up few meatier roles and for a change anything with positive traits will do him good. Samrat is tall and handsome but has a strained body language.

If he can pump some confidence in his body language then it could work well Sri Akshay have good looks and also performed satisfactorily well with his dialogue delivery and other aspects of acting. Raghu Babu has a busy day and he entertains to a great extent, Krishna Bhagawan was witty, Kota was standard, the ladies did their bit as required. Pilla Prasad, Vijay Sai were okay. Analysis: The film is basically a comedy treat and enough attempts have been made to keep the smile intact on the faces of the audience.

The dialogues were witty at few places, but the script was lengthy and the screenplay was above average. Cinematography was neat, background score was okay and one song is worth taking home. Editing was required at key points. The film suffers mainly due to three different backdrops Gribabu episode, Krishna Bhagawan episode and village episode so connecting to the scenes takes time.

The henchmen come back and try to kill Chinna Bangarraju at a pooja in the temple, and due to this, Naga Lakshmi reacts violently and slaps Bangarraju. It is then found out that Chinna Bangarraju's cousin Aadi has been planning to get Chinna Bangarraju killed because they know that Chinna Bangarraju's family has been protecting a temple that has rare stones at the bottom of it and to get the stones, they need to kill the family.

In a turn of events, it is revealed that Aadi's father Sampath was still alive and that he has been also seeking vengeance against the family for killing his father and grandfather. At the same time, Bangarraju successfully gets Chinna Bangarraju and Naga Lakshmi to love each other. Sampath, on the other hand, knows that Bangarraju's soul is the one that killed his father and grandfather and that the soul is back now also for Chinna Bangarraju and tells Aadi about it.

With this, Sampath plans to get a ring that will be placed on Chinna Bangarraju's hand during his engagement which will stop Bangarraju's soul from entering his body. It is then found out that Ramesh was also in on this plan all along, and that he also wants Chinna Bangarraju to be killed for the stones and the potential marriage to his daughter to Aadi.

Knowing all of this, Bangarraju and Satyabhama try various ways to stop Chinna Bangarraju from being killed, but he ultimately ends up being kidnapped by Aadi and is brought to Sampath and Ramesh to be killed. When Chinna Bangarraju is on the verge of being killed, the divine snake from the earlier film falls on Ramu's car, and Bangarraju, sensing this, jumps into Ramu's body to fight Sampath, Ramesh, and Aadi.

Chinna Bangarraju regains consciousness, and the ring is removed from his hand, allowing Bangarraju to also enter his body. After both Chinna Bangarraju and Ramu kill Sampath and Aadi, they plan to kill Ramesh also but stop due to them seeing Naga Lakshmi, and they decide not to tell her the truth.

Chinna Bangarraju and Naga Lakshmi both get married, and at a pooja alter, Yama and Indra impose a barrier that allows Chinna Bangarraju and Ramu to see and touch Bangarraju and Satyabhama.

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Jabardasth Masti - Betting Bangarraju : Naresh's comedy in Temple \u0026 Ladies Hostel

4/9/ · What is it about: Betting Bangaraju (Naresh) is a well-off village lad whose occupation in life is to bet on anything and everything under the sun which leads to him being constantly . Betting Bangarraju Movie Fan Photos # - Check out Betting Bangarraju movie pictures, images, Betting Bangarraju stills, movie posters. You can also upload Betting Bangarraju . Bangarraju (transl. Golden king) is a Indian Telugu-language supernatural action drama film directed by Kalyan Krishna Kurasala and produced by Annapurna Studios and Zee .